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All about Aliexpress Plaza, the section of Aliexpress with shipping and warranty in Spain

What is Aliexpress Plaza? Maybe you have ever seen that we name this store in the offers that we show you, and it is not for less, since it is, so to speak, a section of Aliexpress that we Spaniards are interested in, a lot, since everything the company offers here is shipped from Spain and both the guarantee of the products and their return, is processed without having to send products to China or any other country.

If you wanted to know what Aliexpress Plaza is, it is broadly what we have just told. But now we are going to tell you everything about this part of Aliexpress especially dedicated to users in Spain, and that can be very useful when making any purchase, whether technological or otherwise, let’s take a look at it!

Aliexpress Plaza

Aliexpress Plaza ships from Spain

What is Aliexpress Plaza?

Aliexpress Plaza, currently it is the section of Aliexpress with shipments and warranty in Spain, But the physical stores that Aliexpress has opened in Spain, in the Xanadú shopping center and in Finestrelles, where different products on the platform are sold, also receive this name.

The products sold in the Aliexpress Plaza section not only belong to the electronics category, but You can also find beauty, pet and even household products. In addition, they have a fairly large fashion section, in which there are products from quite prestigious brands.

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The Aliexpress app contains sections like Aliexpress Plaza

How long does shipping take on Aliexpress Plaza?

One of the clear advantages of having shipments from Spain lies in the short time it takes, since, according to the company, you only have to wait 1 to 3 days to receive the order in your house. Short time if you compare it with the two weeks that usually take the orders in Aliexpress.

Obviously, the vast majority of these products are found in Aliexpress warehouses located in Spain, so transport times are greatly reduced, And if you live in a big city, it is usual to receive the product the day after the order.

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Is it worth buying on Aliexpress Plaza?

It is definitely worth buying on Aliexpress Plaza. There are times when the same product costs slightly less coming from China, and depending on your preferences, it may be worth it buy a product that comes from China. But, in my view, it is not.

And it is that, for a price difference that is not usually too large, you can receive the products at your home 1 to 3 days after placing your order, as well as having a warranty service in Spain. This implies that, for example, if you buy a mobile, they will repair it in our country, and you will not have to send the product to China –with the cost that it entails-, nor will you have to wait months until you receive the device again. Also, there will never be a risk that your purchases stop at customs.

In our view, Aliexpress Plaza brings advantages that make it worth buying from this store, especially when it comes to expensive products, since, the more facilities we have with this type of products, the better.

If you have doubts about which mobile to buy, be sure to visit our buying guides section, where we collect the best models on the market and we advise you to always make the best purchase decision. The prices shown in this article are valid at the time of publication, so it is possible that they vary depending on the stock and demand in the different sales channels.

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