what is it for and how is the Secure Folder activated


Our cell phone is full of confidential files. That is why it is sometimes necessary to be able to hide content, whether in the form of photos, videos or some applications. Many manufacturers integrate standard solutions to help us in this task, such as the Secure Folder, available on Samsung Galaxy.

The Secure Folder creates a private and encrypted space on our Samsung Galaxy that is part of the Samsung Knox security platform. Applications and data moved to Secure Folder are stored securely and separately on the device. Thus you get an extra layer of security and privacy to better protect them from malicious attacks or from people who may have access to our device at certain times.

How to activate the secure folder

To be able to activate the Secure Folder on Samsung, we will have to slide a finger up or down to access the Applications screen. Once inside we enter Settings and select “Biometric data and security”. Now we will have to touch on “Secure Folder” and click on “Continue”. The next step is sign in with our Samsung account and enter the unlock pattern or pin. Now the secure folder is ready to use.

samsung secure folder

Add files or apps

The point of the Secure Folder is to be able to add files, applications, photos or videos. Everything that we consider confidential it can go inside this folder. To do so we will only have to be inside the Safe Caperta and click at the bottom where it says “Add”. Now the application will give us the option to select between files or applications.

samsung secure folder 01

If we select the first option, we will navigate through the system files to poder select photos from gallery, videos and other files. By checking “applications” we can see a list of all installed in the system to protect safely.

Automatic Secure Folder Lock

To be able to have more security in this tool, it is convenient to activate the automatic locking of the secure folder. In this way we can determine a time interval for the Folder to be automatically locked. Thus, we can select between “Immediately”, and times between 5, 10 and 30 minutes. In addition, we can mark that the Secure Folder is locked when the phone restarts.

secure folder on samsung 02

In order to activate the function and once inside the Secure Folder We touch on the three points at the top and enter Settings. Then we tap on “Automatic Secure Folder Lock” and select one of the options mentioned above.

Hide Secure Folder

Since we are in the flour of privacy, nothing like hiding the Secure Folder once we have all the content in a safe place. This will prevent that even being protected with a password, it can be seen by third parties. To do this, we enter the Secure Folder Settings and touch the option of “Show Secure Folder”, finally, we touch “hide” and the tool will disappear from the home screen and applications. To re-enter the secure folder we must enter Settings / Biometrics and security / Secure folder.

secure folder on samsung

Make a backup

It is also important to have a backup of all those contents housed in the Secure Folder. To be able to make a backup we enter the tool and click on the three points at the top to access Settings. Once inside we touch on Copy and reset and we enter with our Samsung account. Then we touch Backup data from the secure folder and mark the categories. Finally, we click on Backup and wait for the process to be completed.

Written by David Girao

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