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Most people know Amazon Prime and what all its advantages are, in fact there are millions of users who subscribe to the program to benefit from everything it offers us. But the truth is that the online shopping giant has a program designed especially for university students whose name is Amazon Prime Student.

What is Prime Student and conditions to subscribe

As its name suggests, Prime Student is a subscription program created specifically for college students. Therefore, it offers access to the advantages of Amazon Prime but for less money, since the subscription is cheaper. However, it is important to know that the benefits of Prime are subject to certain restrictions, such as geographical limitations.

To be able to register and take advantage of Prime Student benefits is necessary:

  • Have an Amazon account.
  • Be a student enrolled in a university center located in Spain.
  • Be able to present proof of enrollment.
  • Have a valid email address for a university center located in Spain. In the event that we do not have an email address for the school, it is possible to register for Amazon Prime Student by following an alternative registration process.

It is possible that Amazon will ask us for certain documentation to verify our student status, and in the event that we cannot provide it, the online shopping giant may request a refund for the advantages that we have enjoyed from the Prime Student subscription no right.

As we have just indicated, in the event that we do not have a valid email address of the university center, if we are 18 years or older and we provide the necessary documentation to demonstrate that we are enrolled in a course at a university center in Spain, we may possibly be able to obtain our subscription to Amazon Prime Student without having to fulfill the requirement of the email account.

To send the documentation that proves all this, we must send an email to the address amazon-student-verification@amazon.es from the email address associated with our Amazon account. In this message we must include a photo or scanned image of one of the following documents:

  • Certificate of studies that includes our name, study center and the year of validity.
  • Student identification card showing our name, study center and the year of validity.

If Amazon considers us to be eligible to subscribe to Prime Student, we will receive an email in the next working days (between 3 and 5 days) where we will find a link that will allow us to complete the registration for the special subscription for students without the need to have an email account from the university center to which we belong.

Now, it is important to know that we must complete the process from that link in the next 14 days from the receipt of the email. After that time the link will no longer be available and we will have to contact Amazon customer service to try to register again.

How to sign up for Prime Student

If we meet the established requirements to subscribe to Amazon Prime Student, these are the steps we must follow:

  • We go to the Prime Student registration page.
  • We fill in the registration form with all the mandatory information: valid email address of our university center, year of enrollment at the university, payment method and billing address.
  • We send the form with all the data.
  • We click on the verification link that we will receive in the mail to complete the registration.

Prime Student

In the event that we do not have a valid email address for our university center, we must carry out those specified in the previous point.

How much does Amazon Prime Student cost

The student subscription offers all the benefits of Amazon Prime but at just half the price. That is, we can subscribe to Primer Student for only 18 euros per year. In addition, unlike the 30-day free trial offered by the Prime service, the subscription for university students offers the possibility of trying all the benefits of the service completely free of charge for no more and no less than 90 days. During this period it is possible to cancel our subscription if it does not convince us or it is not what we expected.

Subscription benefits

  • Fast and free shipping: Free same day shipping on a selection of products sold and / or managed by Amazon, for a minimum order of € 29, guaranteed in most postal codes in Madrid and Barcelona. Free 1 business day shipping in more than 2 million products sold and / or managed by Amazon, guaranteed in mainland Spain. Shipping in 2 to 3 business days for free in millions of products sold and / or fulfilled by Amazon. Shipping with guaranteed delivery product launch day for pre-purchased books, video games and DVDs.
  • Prime Video: platform with movies and series in streaming, including Amazon Originals, and access with unlimited reproduction of its contents.
  • Prime Music: is the music service that allows Prime customers and therefore also Prime Student customers, to listen, store and manage music from anywhere, with a monthly limit of 40 hours. Access to more than 2 million ad-free songs to listen to wherever we want.

Prime Student

  • Prime Reading: It allows access to hundreds of eBooks from any device: Kindle, Fire tablet or with the Kindle app available for iOS and Android.
  • Prime Photos: Subscribing to Prime Student gives us access to a storage space for our photos free and unlimited.
  • Prime Now: Delivery service in just 2 hours for free in some cities such as Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona and surroundings.
  • Twitch Prime: access to video game content, ad-free viewing and other benefits.
  • Amazon Pantry: It is about the service that gives us access to the purchase of our day-to-day products such as food and beverages or home care.
  • Amazon Family: We will get a special 15% discount on a selection of diapers when you buy them through Subscribe and save.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: access to the exclusive annual rate for Prime customers with which we can enjoy more than 50 million songs and hundreds of playlists.
  • Exclusive discounts: As a Prime Student customer, we will also have access to exclusive discounts on a lot of product categories chosen by Amazon.

How to unsubscribe

It is possible to cancel the Prime Student subscription during the 90-day trial or at any time later. The cancellation of the subscription includes the loss of the Amazon Prime benefits associated with our account.

To cancel your Prime Student subscription:

  1. We are going to Manage my Amazon subscription.
  2. We click on End Subscription, at the bottom left of the page.
  3. Then let’s polish on Finalize my Advantages.
  4. Then we click on End Subscription.

The cancellation will not be effective until we see the message Your subscription has been canceled. Still, we can re-subscribe at any time if we continue to meet the requirements set by Amazon.

In the event that we want to re-subscribe to Prime Student, we will no longer be able to enjoy the 90-month free trial period with the benefits of Amazon Prime, although we will be able to subscribe to Prime Student for the same price as the first time, € 18 per year.

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