What is Life on a YouTube Day and how to participate

What is Life on a YouTube Day and how to participate

On July 6, 2011, more than nine years ago, the project ‘Life in a Day‘ was created, a film that sought to unite humanity in a joint audiovisual project through the YouTube platform. This project had a great endorsement: the names after the production of the brothers Scott, Ridley and Tony and consisted of a series of clips in which the YouTube user exposed what he did in one day of his life. The final montage, directed by Oscar winner Kevin MacDonald (also, artifice of the acclaimed documentary about the ill-fated Whithney Houston), was presented at the Sundance independent film festival the following year and shown live on YouTube. In the video below we can see the full movie.

The film received critical acclaim, defining it as “a profound achievement.” Now the sequel of this ambitious project is presented, entitled again ‘Life in a Day’ which wants to show the same as its predecessor but later in time. How, if at all, has our routine changed? Through the different pieces that all YouTube subscribers can send, then a selection will be made that will shape the film. Here you can see the trailer for the new project, this time without the presence of Tony Scott, sadly deceased in August 2012.

If you want to be part of a project that aims sisters to all races, peoples and customs of the planet, this is all you have to do:

He July 25 grab your camera (worth the mobile) and record your day. You can record whatever you want: how you get to work, like chatting with your friends. Even if it coincided, you can film something exceptional that day is happening: a birth, a birthday, a celebration of some academic success. This year, in addition, the project is marked by the coronavirus health pandemic. You can show how the so-called ‘new normality’ is affecting your city. Maybe that day, still, you’re locked up. Show it.

Or you may not want to be the protagonist. Choose the person you want … or your pet. The important thing is that your video piece tries to respond to these four questions:

  • What do you like?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What would you like to change, both personally and in the world you live in?
  • What are you keeping in your pockets right now?

Some tips to send good content:

  • Record horizontally
  • Try to tell a story
  • Records in the highest quality possible and at 24fps
  • Avoid zooms and panoramas
  • You can record your video in any language
  • Try to record a suitable sound

It is very important that the video is very personal. Than share what really matters to you. You must bear in mind that it is your movie and that makes it unique.

The deadline for submission of videos opens next Saturday July 25 and will last until Sunday August 2. Once the deadline to send the video piece has been met, a team will make an exhaustive review of all the material delivered. In the event that yours was selected and ended up being used as material for the film, YouTube could contact the person in question throughout 2021, because that year will be when it premieres.

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