What is sending statistics to Google and how to disable it on Android

When we start to configure an Android mobile, there are many options that we accept almost automatically, but that we are not really interested in using or do not want to accept. One of them is sending statistics to Google, an option that probably has gone unnoticed by many, because it comes out at the beginning of the configuration and then remains somewhat hidden in the operating system.

Although its name already gives us certain clues about its operation, it is possible that many do not know what sending statistics to Google is, the reason why it is on Android and how to disable this option, in case you do not want to use it. Here we show you how it can be done.

What is sending statistics to Google

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This sending statistics to Google is under the name of Use and diagnosis in the settings Android. This information is sent to Google, with data on the use of the phone. On paper, this is information that seeks to improve the battery life of the phone, the stability of the applications and the operation of the operating system in general. Although this information has no effect on the phone and can usually be used for future versions and improvements of Android.

The information collected refers to the use of the telephone. They are data on the behavior of the battery, failures that are automatically reported, application activity, system activity and others. According to Google, said information is used to improve those points or aspects where deficiencies or room for improvement are detected. Although large amounts of data are being sent to the company.

That is why sending statistics to Google it looks like something that affects privacy, since we are giving even more data to Google. Many users on Android therefore make the decision to disable this option on their phones, to prevent Google from having more information about us and our use of the phone. Disabling it is seen as another way to manage such privacy.

How to disable

You may not know if you have enabled sending statistics to Google on your phone. As we mentioned before, it is an option that usually shown at the beginning of the configuration from an Android phone, which is why we often accept it, without paying too much attention to it. Also, being somewhat hidden in the settings is not something we pay too much attention to. So let’s check if it is activated.

  1. Open the Phone Settings.
  2. Enter Privacy.
  3. Click on Advanced.
  4. Look for the section called Use and Diagnosis.
  5. Enter this section.
  6. If enabled, tap disable.

By disabling this option, our phone will stop sending said data to Google. Although this information that is sent is not personal information, for many users it is uncomfortable that the company has access to so much information from the phone. Deactivating this option stops said data transmission.

If at any time you change your mind and you want to have the sending of usage statistics to Google activated on your Android phone again, you will only have to follow the same steps that we have done now, but activating this option. Then you will send data to Google again. It should be said that having this option activated or deactivated has no influence on the operation of your phone. It doesn’t work better or worse by having it turned on or off.

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