What is the most important thing when buying a cheap phone

Neither design, nor cameras, nor battery, the most important thing for a user when buying a cheap phone is performance.

Not everyone can or wants to pay a thousand euros on a mobile phone. Fortunately and as we have already revealed on more than one occasion, Android has a large catalog of phones of all types, brands and prices, so our pocket will be safe.

Because indeed a hundred euro phone does not do the same thing as a thousand euro phone but not everyone needs the latest model on the market. Now when choosing a cheap or low-end phone, What is the most important? In Android Authority they have asked their readers and the answer is as follows.

This is the priority for low-end phone users

Redmi Note 9 Pro

Performance is the main thing for cheap phone users, and this Xiaomi is not exactly short

When it comes to buying cheap phones, not everything goes. It is important to be well informed, that it is from a recognized brand, that the device has a good update policy and that it will not be outdated in just a year. Obviously buying a mobile is not an easy task but thanks to the internet, we can collect a lot of information thanks to pages like Andro4all or to the forums.

But what do users value most when purchasing a phone? The camera? Design? The processor? Except in exceptional cases, nobody buys a cheap phone for their camera. There are exceptions as we have said, not in vain devices like the Samsung Galaxy M21 that we have recently analyzed do quite good photographs, but neither does anything out of this world. As for the design … because they are devices made of plastic and although the constructions have improved over the years, the qualities between the high and low range are very different.

So yeah, you guessed it. For most users of the survey performance is the most important thing when buying a low-end or cheap phone. With 45% of the results, the performance exceeds the battery (25%) and the camera (23%). As we already thought in a recent article, in the end the processor is not the most important thing and it is preferable to have an outstanding user experience rather than the best hardware on the market.

Obviously these results are not surprising. A user who buys a cheap phone does so because he wants to use it for basic tasks such as surfing the internet, consulting social networks and speaking through applications such as WhatsApp. For this reason that the performance of these devices is adequate is the key. These are also users who usually endure many years with this type of device, so the longer it lasts, the better.

Course the hardware is what it is and you can’t ask for much as the years go by, although luckily there are little tricks to improve the performance of our smartphones.

And for you, what is the main thing when buying a cheap phone?

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