what it is, what it is for and how to use it

He chrome remote desktop It is a quite useful tool that allows users to control their computer from anywhere. The only condition is that you must have access to the Internet and the Chrome browser installed.

Surely on some occasion you may have needed to access your computer from another place. It is there that this functionality can get you out of more than a pinch with just a few clicks.

Therefore, today we will show you everything related to chrome remote desktop, what it is, how to use it and above all its advantages. Join us!

What is and what is the Chrome remote desktop?

This software developed by Google allows you to control the computer remotely using the Chrome browser, which allows you to access and use a computer remotely, being able to navigate through its files, programs and other accesses.

Chrome remote desktop: what it is, what it is for and how to use it

Chrome remote desktop: what it is, what it is for and how to use it

This function is synchronized through your Google account, so having your browser linked to that account, you only need to install the extension to be able to remotely access the equipment.

Of course, the system has security measures through a PIN code, in order to maintain the privacy of information and prevent anyone from accessing your computer.

How to activate Chrome remote desktop?

Setting up Chrome Remote Desktop is very simple. To do this, just follow a few steps before using this function.

  • Install the browser on your computer Google Chrome. If you don’t have it installed, you can download it at this link.
  • Once you have Chrome installed, open it and enter the following URL in the search bar: remotedesktop.google.com/access to access to configure the system.
  • Inside the Chrome remote desktop page, click on the blue icon with white down arrow to start downloading the components necessary for the operation of the application.
How to activate Chrome remote desktop

Find out how to activate Chrome remote desktop in few steps RemoteDesktop

  • Once the button is pressed, a new tab will open that will give you access to the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. Press the option “Add to Chrome” and let it install in the browser. Accept the conditions to continue the process.

Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

  • When you return to the main Chrome page, an executable file will be downloaded, which contains everything necessary for the correct operation of the system, so you do not have to worry. Now just hit where it says “To accept” and “Install” to continue the process.

Download the executable file

  • When the installation is complete, the system will ask you to assign a name to your computer. Once you have completed it, tap “following”.

Time to give your computer a name

  • Now, we proceed to establish a code 6 digit PIN, which will be your security measure to access the program and prevent third parties from manipulating your equipment without your authorization. At this point, set the code twice to confirm.

Set a 6-digit PIN

  • At the end of the configuration after a couple of seconds, you will notice that the word appears On-line below the name of the team you registered. At this point, everything is ready to access it.

Everything is ready to access remote Chrome desktop

How to access your computer with the Chrome remote desktop?

This procedure is very simple. To enter from another computer, just open the Chrome browser with the same user session that you previously registered and type the following URL: remotedesktop.google.com/access. Once you have entered, Chrome will automatically detect the other browser you want to access.

So you can access your computer with the Chrome remote desktop

So you can access your computer with the Chrome remote desktop

To continue, enter the PIN code six digits that you had previously registered to access. Ready! Now you can browse your computer remotely, and everything you do on the computer screen where you accessed, will be reflected in the one you control.

How to access other devices with the Chrome remote desktop?

Of course, this functionality is not only available from computer to computer. You can also access from an Android or iOS device through the Chrome Remote Desktop application, yes, always using the Google account that you have associated.

Within the App, just press the name of the computer you want to control and the system will automatically ask for your PIN code and that’s it. An easy, fast and above all safe way to access your computer from wherever you are through your mobile device.

How to access other devices with the Chrome remote desktop

Access remote Chrome desktop from your Android and iOS mobile device unsplash

Just keep in mind that the same interface of your PC will be displayed on your smartphone, so in some cases it can be a bit difficult to navigate through the computer without using a mouse. Even so, it is not a limitation, you just have to have a little patience until you find what you want.

Additionally, we recommend you to be connected to a Wi-Fi network instead of mobile data, this way you will have a more stable connection, since the application consumes considerable bandwidth.

How to cancel access to Chrome remote desktop?

Very well, you have already managed to access your equipment and you have what you needed from it. And now? To cancel access is very simple. It will be enough to close the open tab in the App in the case of your mobile or directly in the list of enabled devices and removing the one you no longer want in the option “Disable remote connections”.

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You see it? A fairly simple process but that can be very useful in specific places. Especially in these moments where teleworking is growing and you need to connect to your office computer to continue your work.

Discover more guides like this in our Guides section, get more out of your Android!

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