What managers can learn from pilots: the Hudson moment

“That was my personal Hudson moment,” says the rhetoric trainer with a pilot’s license afterwards. He thus alludes to the spectacular emergency landing of a passenger plane on the New York Hudson River in 2009. The story has already been filmed for the cinema. Flume’s serenity in this comparatively small incident was ready for Hollywood. “Only” his own life was in danger and not that of a few hundred passengers, but that is also enough to cause panic.

“With a very low pulse and a clear head, I could only master the situation because I already had many thousands of flight hours in my bones,” reports the trainer. He obtained his first flight permit 17 years ago and further training continues today. Flume advises every manager in a stressful situation: “Believe in yourself and your experience, but also continuously educate yourself. Think about what you can do and don’t let external circumstances get you out of your way.”