What screen resolution do I need on my new phone?


When the time comes to change mobile we have to look at many sections, some may be more relevant or less but in the long run they will make the difference between making a good purchase or having made a mistake. With the intention of helping you to choose well, we want to help you choose the ideal screen resolution that we need in the next smartphone.

We know that not all users have the same needs, so we will try to adapt to what each one needs. Technology advances by leaps and bounds mobile screens They have become a very important element, with them we interact and focus our attention several hours a day, so you have to take this information into account.

Different mobile screen resolutions

The screen resolution indicates the pixel count that it is capable of displaying in its width and height. This means that the higher the resolution, the better it will offer us. The resolutions have been progressively increasing between smartphones until reaching levels where it is impossible for us to distinguish pixels with the naked eye. The options that we find among the smartphones are the following:

screen resolution pixels

  • QVGA: 240 × 320 pixels
  • WQVGA: 240 × 400 pixels
  • Hvga: 320 × 480 pixels
  • Wvga: 480 × 800 pixels
  • qHD: 540 × 960 pixels
  • HD: 720 × 1280 pixels
  • Full HD: 1080 × 1920 pixels
  • QHD: 1440 x 2560 pixels
  • 4K: 1644 x 3840 pixels

What is the best resolution?

Looking at the list we have previously shared, we cannot say that one resolution or the other is better, obviously the higher the resolution, the results will be more real, but not everyone needs the highest resolution. Depending on the different users that we meet, we will try to find that ideal resolution that currently works as a standard among smartphones.

Front of a mobile with a large screen

Basic users

For those people who only use the mobile phone sporadically to make calls, send a WhatsApp message or take photos or, the needs will be less. In this case the lowest resolution that can be recommended is HD (720 × 1280) or HD + on models with a wider screen.

Since we use the screen very little, our view will not suffer to see the contents for long hours of exposure. Even so, whenever possible, we recommend you jump to Full HD resolution, as if we were the following type of users. For a small price increase we will get a higher quality screen and images.

I use my mobile daily on several occasions

Most users are at this point, those who check social networks often or those who enjoy watching streaming content. In this case, the resolution Full HD (1080 × 1920) or Full HD + is your option. Given the size of the screens that do not exceed 6.5 inches in most cases, it is an option capable of giving the best results without the view suffering or suffering.

My mobile lives all day with me

In the most demanding cases for those people who use the mobile phone practically all day, use it to play games, or spend hours and hours looking at the screen, the best thing to do is throw it over the top. In this case, the QHD resolution would be the minimum aspiration that we should consider whenever the budget allows it.

Phones with adaptive screen resolution

Many will think that opting for a mobile phone with higher resolution may be a bad option in specific cases due to affecting the battery or because we do not always use the same smartphone. In these cases we find some models such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 + which has One UI with the option to adjust the screen resolution according to the day in front of us.

change galaxy s20 screen resolution

How to know the screen resolution of mobiles

Once we have decided the screen resolution that we need in our new mobile We only have to consult it on the smartphones that interest us. We can do this from the information of Samsung mobiles, Xiaomi technical sheets or all other brands that appear at the top of MovilZona. When we choose the brand, it will be time to select the model that interests us and thus we will have access to all the information, including also the screen resolution.

mobile samsung mobile resolution

Screen resolution isn’t everything

In addition to the resolution we must take into account other concepts, data and information on the screen that we also find in the information about all the mobiles in MovilZona. The points where we must also pay our attention are the following:

  • Display technology.
  • Refresh rate.
  • Dots per inch (dpi).

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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