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What smartphones are yet to arrive in 2020

What smartphones are yet to arrive in 2020

In episode 62 of Conectando we are going to analyze which phones are still to be released and if they are worth waiting for.

Today is a new episode of Connecting, the Andro4all podcast where we analyze the latest news related to Android and technology in general. As you may well remember, last week we debated which were the best smartphones to buy for 200 euros. In this new episode we will take advantage of the fact that we have already passed the equator of 2020 to talk about which smartphones are yet to hit the market.

Because there is still a lot to present this year and that is there are many brands that keep something up their sleeves to give the final surprise.

What mobile phones are still to come in 2020?

Although most brands get their full potential in the first months of the year, it is also true that many of them are kept arsenal for after the summer. Google with its Pixel, Samsung with a new model of the Galaxy Note, Apple with its iPhone and more. That is why in episode 62 of Connecting we are going to analyze what we have left to see in this 2020 and we will debate whether it is worth waiting for any of these devices.

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