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With the OnePlus Nord, the Chinese manufacturer has presented a real surprise and shaken the mobile phone market a little. Now the first information has emerged that the North will not be alone for long.

OnePlus North

OnePlus Nord with Snapdragon 690 5G in progress

The OnePlus Nord costs only 399 euros, offers an unbelievably good equipment for the price and immediately won the hearts of the fans. If the 400 euros are too much, it could soon come into play. OnePlus has already announced that the North isn’t the only smartphone. It is said to be an ecosystem that is expanding over time. Now a model with the Snapdragon 690 5G has appeared – reports FoneArena. Since it is a cheaper processor than the OnePlus Nord, the new smartphone should also be a little cheaper.

It is unclear where OnePlus could save with a cheaper North. Not in any case on the 5G modem, this is also included in the new model. After all, OnePlus wants to sell future-proof mobile phones that can be used for years. In order to make the cell phone a little cheaper, for example, the cell phone could be smaller. An LC display could also be used instead of an OLED panel. OnePlus could also do without some camera sensors that are unnecessary. For example, the macro camera in the north. There are still ways to save something, but not to make the key points too bad.

The OnePlus Nord:

OnePlus Nord: what’s next?

It will be exciting to see what OnePlus brings to the market under the North branding. As part of the huge “BBK Electronics” empire, OnePlus can certainly also use technologies and ideas from Oppo and Vivo. The selection of smartphones and products is much larger. GIGA will inform you when more information about OnePlus North smartphones appears.