what they are, how they work and what rewards there are

Movistar Tokens is the new rewards program with which we can get more out of being a client of the operator. Movistar Tokens is available in Spain for a small group of users who will be able to test the program, which will be progressively expanded. If we are in the group, it will automatically appear in the My Movistar App, the section ‘My tokens’ within ‘Profile’.

How tokens are generated, how much they are worth and how to redeem them

To generate tokens we must enter the App My Movistar, access the section ‘My tokens’ within ‘Profile’ and in the section ‘Get tokens’ perform the available actions such as talking to Aura or activating the free Secure Connection service, among others. The value of Movistar tokens is set based on the commitment that we demonstrate with the actions that we carry out within the program and the available rewards.

The tokens do not expire and can be generated with all lines, although only the holder can redeem them. To do this, you must go to the My Movistar App, accessing ‘Profile’, ‘My tokens’ and selecting one of the rewards available in the section ‘Redeem tokens’. Soon, we will also be able to exchange tokens through television with Movistar +.

movistar tokens

The tokens can be exchanged for rewards that we will see in the previous section and that can change over time. However, the operator tells us that, at first, they will be things related to Movistar + content or data bonuses to navigate the Internet more.

Currently, these are the Movistar Tokens rewards:

  • Rent premiere movies
  • See more channels on TV
  • Live the sport to the fullest from home with Movistar LaLiga or the Champions League.
  • Unlimited data bonuses for 48h
  • 1GB data vouchers to consume for 7 days on any of the contracted lines

Its launch for the rest of the clients is planned after the summer if nothing happens during this pilot phase. In fact, the rewards program has been in testing for several months from the operator’s Beta Zone, where different innovations are tested on small groups of customers.

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