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What to consider when buying a gaming mobile

by Tejas Dhawan

The segment of gaming phones grows at a good pace, with more and more models to choose from, recently the new Xiaomi Black Shark were presented, which are already in their third generation. More brands on Android are encouraged to launch such a phone, allowing the available selection to be larger, which can make choosing a phone more difficult.

When buying an Android phone, there are certain aspects to consider. In the case of a gaming mobile, the aspects to take into account are somewhat different, since this device is launched with a different purpose. Therefore, we leave you with the main aspects to consider.

Refresh rate

The refreshment rate is an element that has gained special relevance on Android, something that we talked about previously. But it is something that significantly determines the gaming experience in a mobile gaming, so it is an aspect that you have to look at, since we find clear differences between brands and models.

When the phone screen displays images, such as when playing video, the screen constantly asks the GPU what to project. The frequency at which each screen loads a new image received from the GPU it is indicated in the refresh rate. This is a frequency that is measured in Hertz (Hz). It tells us how many times this process is completed in one second. Therefore, if we find a refresh rate of 60 Hz, it means that 60 updates are made in a second. If it is 120 Hz, the same, 120 updates in a second.

For a better mobile gaming experience, we are interested in a higher refresh rate. This is so, because a higher refresh rate contributes to greater fluidity when it comes to playing, which is exactly what matters to us in a situation like this.

Screen size and resolution

The size of the screen is something relevant on any phone, but in a gaming mobile it takes on special importance, since in most games we will have to use the phone screen to play and control it. A larger panel can contribute to an immersive experience when we are playing. The screens on these types of phones have been increasing, reaching even the 7.1 inches of the Black Shark 3 Pro, which will allow you to enjoy games.

Most models in this segment have large screens, which in general tend to differ little in size from one to the other. An aspect that may be interesting to take into account is if the screen has sensitive areas to carry out certain actions or a haptic vibration motor, as we saw in the IQOO 3.

Screen resolution is another aspect to consider in a gaming mobile, since we need a resolution that makes the most of the reproduction of multimedia content. The resolution can vary between phones, some presented Full HD + and others QUAD HD +, although a resolution that may be worse on paper does not mean that it will be and can allow a good experience when playing. In this case it is good to take into account the quality of the panel and its resolution, although many times it is better to test the phone to see if it meets what is desired.

Refrigeration system

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Playing long games, especially in games that demand great power from the phone, ends up causing a temperature rise in the device. That is why a gaming mobile usually has a cooling system, which allows this temperature to be reduced. Although the type of system used can vary between brands and models, as well as its effectiveness. Checking what type of system and how much it can lower that temperature is important.

The liquid cooling or the use of a fan are the most common, to reduce the temperature of the phone. There are models like the ASUS ROG Phone II that have an external fan, which simply has to be attached to the device to reduce its temperature. These are all valid options, which will help to reduce this temperature. You may have a preference for a specific system, although the important thing is that they are effective in fulfilling their mission.

Battery and fast charge

The battery is something to consider in any phone, even more so in a gaming mobile. Playing intensively is something that will consume a lot of battery, so we need a battery with a large capacity, which is usually the case in this type of phone and that gives us good autonomy that allows us to play for several hours is therefore essential. Along with the battery, charging the phone is another aspect to consider.

Fast charging is a very common thing on Android phones, with various types and powers, and takes on special relevance in a mobile gaming. An ultra-fast charge, which allows the phone to be charged in less than an hour, as we can see in the Black Shark or in the new IQOO 3, is an element to consider. Since this will allow us to be able to enjoy the phone and to be able to play with few interruptions.

Driver support

Gaming mobiles count with driver support, so that you are going to be able to use a command from a console with it, for a better experience when playing. This compatibility may vary, especially if you are interested in playing with Google Stadia, for example. So it is good to check what drivers this phone will work with, to choose the one that best suits your regular use.

In the phones specifications such driver support shown, in addition to specifying which ones it works with. So you can have a clear idea about what support each of the phones gives, which will help you in the process of choosing this phone.

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