What to do to make technology last longer

The truth is that we must take more care of our technology. Changing the battery, cleaning the product, or restoring the equipment to factory condition is much cheaper than buying a new device.

We all know that the technology products we buy have an expiration date. Two, three, four, or five years is what we call programmed obsolescence. However, if a phone lasts four or more years, the truth is that many of us change it at most to both of us. Either because we have tired of it, because the battery works somewhat worse or honestly because we want a better smartphone.

However, COVID-19 has not only completely changed our lives in many ways, but it is also causing a terrible economic impact with many unemployed people and others with their jobs in danger. This makes spending on technology as soon as possible not possible and we must take more care and protect the electronic devices that we buy, or in other words, we must make technology last longer.

Clean more frequently


Dust and dirt often enter the charging and headphone ports

Possibly a smartphone is one of the products that gets dirty the most over the days. It is not for less, we always have it in our hands, we carry it everywhere in our pocket or bag and we leave it on any surface, although we can say the same for tablets or laptops. It is not only necessary to clean it to avoid bacteria and infections but also to make it last longer.

In the case of the aforementioned smartphone dust and dirt will need to be removed from charging ports and headphone ports and in the case, for example, of a computer, to clean the dust accumulated inside the housing and of course in the fan.

Factory reset or free up memory

It is not the first time that an electronic device has started to go slow overnight. Either because we have many applications or tools installed or we simply have a full memory. Sometimes there is no obvious cause and the device simply runs slow without knowing the reason.

For this reason and just as it is important to clean our technology on the outside, it is also to do it inside. From restoring the equipment to the factory state –of course making backup copies before our most valuable data–, uninstalling those applications that we no longer use or deleting all those documents, files or photos that we no longer need.

Protect the battery


Batteries are one of the fastest degrading elements, but this does not mean that we should dispose of the entire smartphone.

One of the main reasons we tend to change our technology products more often is because the battery begins to last less. Honestly this is vice because changing the battery in an official workshop is much cheaper than changing gadgets. What is not normal for example in the case of a telephone, this is great but just because the battery runs out quickly we should change it.

In addition to replacing the battery, we must bear in mind that it is one of the most delicate parts of a technological product and that is why your care must be paramount to us. In Andro4all we published a couple of months ago a guide with keys to increase the useful life of our battery, so we advise you to take a look at it and of course put all those tips into practice.

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