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What to do when the Tinder app doesn't work

What to do when the Tinder app doesn't work

What to do when the Tinder app doesn't work 1

Tinder doesn’t work? Don’t log in? For a time now, Tinder’s servers are suffering from a multitude of crashes every month. Some users even claim that they have been banned from the application for unknown reasons, not to mention the presence of errors that prevent them from logging in with the regular user. For all these cases, there is no single solution, so we are forced to resort to a series of methods to solve all the errors of Tinder for Android and iOS.

Check that Tinder is not down in your country

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Tinder’s servers are experiencing constant dips. This ends up leading to connection problems with the application.

tinder does not work login 1

The easiest way to check the integrity of the platform is based on go to the website. This website serves as a “sneak” of dozens of applications and platforms. We can also use Twitter to carry out a brief search.

Go to the website

Did you know that Tinder has a website from which you can do the same actions as in the mobile application? That’s right Simply access the platform from this link and log in with our Tinder username and password. Automatically the web will show us an interface very similar to that of the application.

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The ideal in this case is resort to a computer or a tablet, although it is equally accessible from a telephone. If the website generates any type of error, it is likely that the service has suffered a general drop.

Reset your user’s access to Tinder

Occasionally, Tinder’s access problems are related to some kind of conflict with the email or phone that we have used to register in the application. The simplest solution is based on restoring access through the platform options. Enough with click on Can’t log in? to use an alternative access method, which generally corresponds to email access.

Clear app data and cache

It may be the case that access problems come directly from the application. To rule out any type of conflict we can delete the data and the Tinder cache through the system options.

What to do when the Tinder app doesn't work 2

In Android this process is as simple as going to Settings / Applications and selecting Tinder. Finally click on Storage and finally the Clear cache and Clear data. Another equally valid option is to reinstall the application through the Google and Apple store, deleting all the cached data.

Take advantage of an older (or newer) version of Tinder

Not everything depends on Tinder’s servers. There is a possibility that the public version of the application is not fully compatible with our phone or has an error. The solution in both cases is to resort to an older or newer version of Tinder.

On Android mobiles we can use sites like Uptodown to download an alternative APK. Due to system limitations, iOS does not support the installation of applications from external sources.

And if none of the above works …

So Tinder has probably banned us from the platform for breaching the terms of use of the social network. Whether for sharing explicit content, making insults or any type of action that does not meet the standards of the Tinder community. The alternative to this veto is to resort to a new user as long as we promise to comply with the basic rules of coexistence of the application of matches.

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