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What types of robot vacuum cleaner exist and how to choose the right one

What types of robot vacuum cleaner exist and how to choose the right one

Cars, insurance, couples. Today there are a large number of websites that help us compare and choose what truly fits our lives. And it is that the great boom of the smart home has led to the creation of other comparative platforms to find the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market with great ease, counting as references and real experiences of other users to help us make our own decision.

And it is that many times opting for the most expensive model is not always the best option, but then, What should I consider?

Types of robot vacuum cleaner

All labeled under the same name, we usually tend to make the big mistake that all robots are the same. However, within each type of robot, we will also find a large number of functions and capabilities that could be decisive in our choice. So, below we will detail the main criteria to take into account when choosing our ideal robot vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner robot

This is the most common and best known type. It is a device with a suction system with which you can remove the remains of dust and dirt that are on the floor surface. Its results are very similar to those that could be achieved with a handheld vacuum cleaner. However, the advantage is that it works automatically and no effort is required. Now, within this generic group we can find two types in turn.

Rotary brush or roller vacuum cleaner

This type of robot vacuum cleaner has a base that integrates two rotating brushes that are responsible for removing dirt to vacuum it at the same time. With this they achieve a more effective cleaning and appear as the ideal option for surfaces with carpet or fabric in general since they better remove the dirt that is adhered to them.

Likewise, it must be said that, as a result of being able to drag more dirt, they also get dirty faster and, therefore, the tank must be emptied more frequently. Indeed, this dirt accumulates in your brushes and we have to clean them regularly.

Vacuum without roller

This type of robot vacuum cleaner differs from the others in that it lacks a roller: it simply vacuums the dirt. This makes them less efficient appliances on surfaces such as carpets. However, in return, it must be said that they do have small combs that allow them to better reach inaccessible surfaces and remove surface dirt from them.

This is why they also have the advantage that they do not have to be cleaned as frequently as models with rollers. Therefore, its use can be considered more comfortable.

Floor scrubbing robots

Floor scrubbing robots are similar to vacuum robots, but can also be used to mop the floor after vacuuming. That is why they have a double function that would consist of vacuuming and scrubbing. Thus, we can also remove the mop from our cleaning elements.

Its operation is very simple since it uses a drip system that expels water to later scrub it with a mop that is attached. They do not take too long to leave the entire surface ready, so they are very complete models and offer great facilities when it comes to leaving our home ready.

What to take into account when choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner

Having reviewed the types of robot vacuum cleaner, it is time to focus on us. And is that to finish specifying which is the best choice for us, we must take into account the particularities of our home and the use we want to give it. Thus, we must take into account the following characteristics and functionalities:

Mapping capacity

This is one of the most important characteristics to be valued in vacuum robots. It is about your ability to map the entire area and thus be able to better recognize the surface and access more clean space.

To do this they have a series of sensors that allow them to recognize the surface as well as the different obstacles that can be found in it. There are models with laser sensor and with ultrasonic sensor; As for functions, there may be robots that make decisions at the moment and others that are making them with the information they collect. The latter are the best option in this regard.

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Suction capacity

Another feature that we must take into account to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner is the suction capacity it has. This is measured in pascals and therefore indicates the power that a robot vacuum cleaner has. It is a fact that can generally be found between the specifications of a model and an aspect that we must take into account. However, it must be considered depending on the type of robot vacuum cleaner in question and the accessories it brings, since this will be what marks its true efficiency.

HEPA filters

In general, when choosing any tool to vacuum we must take into account the issue of the filters that it incorporates. In the case of vacuum robots, we must know that, if they include HEPA filters, it means that they will help us to eliminate more and better the particles found in space. Specifically, it is an aspect of great importance for people who have some type of allergy.


We must also take into account the programmability that our robot vacuum cleaner has since it is synonymous with facilities that it can give us for its use. It is important that it has a function to start the cleaning cycles by itself at the hours and days that we specify. With this, we will get the most out of these devices by making them work for us exactly as we want.

Charging time and autonomy

Another of the most important aspects when choosing an automatic cleaning robot is the time it takes to charge as well as the autonomy it can offer us. The normal values ​​range between 90 and 120 minutes of autonomy.

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