What you should know about the big update that will arrive in Windows 10

Trick to add a clock to the Windows 10 Start menu

The latest Windows 10 update includes more than fifty new features that directly affect system performance and visual appearance. We refer to the 20H1 version, which has just reached its maximum level of stability in the Windows 10 Insider program, a program intended for all those users who participate as beta testers in trial versions of Windows.

This trial version comes to advance what is supposed to come officially in the coming weeks to other users. Let’s see what the latest from Microsoft has in store for us.

These are the news that will arrive in Windows 10 very soon

Microsof has presented up to 60 noveltiest in the last major update of Windows 10. As collecting all these news would give us for more than one article, we have compiled the most interesting features that will soon come to all computers with a signed version of Windows 10.

Specifically, the news announced by the company are as follows:

  • Cortana improves your productivity. Now it integrates better with Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.).
  • The Windows Search process reduces its impact on the hard drive.
  • Quick searches are integrated into the search menu.
  • More smileys.
  • Improvements in the Windows subsystem for Linux.
  • DirectX 12 is updated to improve the performance of games compatible with the latest API.
  • The Windows Hello PIN is available in secure mode.
  • Xbox Game Bar is updated to add new features for games.
  • The experience when pairing Bluetooth devices is improved.
  • Compatibility for ARM64 applications in the Windows for Linux subsystem.
  • Cortana’s window can now be dragged across the Desktop.
  • The Windows 10 tablet interface now improves for convertible 2-in-1 computers.
  • It is now possible to remotely reset the computer from the cloud.
  • A new section is included in the Task Manager with the GPU temperature.
  • Windows 10 virtual desktops now support renaming.
  • Now we can change the cursor speed to our liking from Settings.
  • Improvements in the Notepad application.
  • Changes in the image of the Windows account.
  • Windows Search enhancements that affect search speed and data consumption on disk.
  • The Calculator application is updated with improvements.
  • Accessibility options have been improved.
  • Cortana’s search experience for Windows 10 improves on previous versions.
  • It is now possible to create quick events from the Windows 10 Taskbar.
  • We can now stop using Microsoft passwords on our computers.
  • Improvements in eye control, which can be accessed from the Security options.
  • The narrator in Windows 10 improves the reading of the narrator data tables.
  • The Windows Ink workspace is completely updated.
  • Dictation support is extended to more languages.
  • Technical support through the Feedback Center is now multilingual.
  • SwiftKey’s Artificial Intelligence is improved.

Try the news of the Windows 10 update now

To test all these news before they are released globally to the general public, we will have to register on the Windows Insider website. We can do it through this link.

update micro windows update

Once inside, we will access with our Microsoft account to register our equipment as a test equipment. Behind this, we will go to Windows Update, where we can find a new update package that we can install as if it were a general update.

We must bear in mind that these types of updates have dozens of errors that can render our equipment useless, so from tuexperto.com we recommend updating only on non-working computers. It is expected to arrive officially from May with the May Update 2020 update.

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