What's new in iOS 14 Beta 4

Beta 4

Yesterday Apple released the fourth betas of all versions of its new firmwares this year that it presented in the WWDC 2020 last June. It is likely that they are already the last ones in beta only for developers, already waiting for the final versions for all users that will be released in September or October.

Being already the fourth versions, less and less news is included, and they are limited to polishing defects found in their preliminary versions. But instead in this new installment of iOS 14 some interesting new features have been detected.

Yesterday afternoon, Spanish time, Apple released a new beta, the fourth of iOS 14, to adjust and refine possible bugs found in the previous betas, but adding some new functions not previously detected.

The first that jumps out is the new Apple TV + widget. Now we can access the video platform directly from here. One more to add to the collection of widgets that iOS 14 offers us.

The second is a improved search. When searching for content in the app, the best hits are now displayed under web suggestions. The app displays apps, Siri tips, news, and more, with an option for more results. In-app search remains available at the bottom of the interface.

The third novelty is that the 3D Touch. This feature that had disappeared in the third beta of iOS 14, returns to work if your device supports it.

And the fourth and last is compatibility with the exposure notification API COVID-19. It was definitely necessary. If you have iOS 14 in beta phase, you can already install the contact exposure application for your area, if there is one (Covid Radar in Spain). Until now it was only compatible with iOS 13.

These are the four “visible” news for developers provided by the fourth beta version of iOS 14. We continue to recommend not installing it if you are not a developer, since it is still a test firmware.

If you can’t take it and want to try it, install it public version, which is not as advanced, but is more stable. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it. It’s very probable that its second version is released this afternoon.

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