After the announcement of the new updates and the launch of the first Betas, we continue with our analysis of the main novelties of each of them and today we talk about watchOS 7: spheres, sleep monitoring, handwashing, new complications, shortcuts … all this and more in this video.

watchOS 7 will come from the hand of iOS 14, and it will for Apple Watch Series 3 and later only. Although we continue without the desired application store, there are important changes in the spheres, with new configuration options and with the possibility of sharing the spheres through messages, applications or web links. New complications with its new options and the ability to preview your design before setting them up also enhance the experience when designing your favorite dial.

Apple finally introduces sleep monitoring on your Apple Watch natively, without the need for any third-party application. Although it is noted that there are things still to be defined, waiting for new hardware (Apple Watch Series 6) that will come along with watchOS 7, this dream function improves considerably what we had so far, with new options as a way «Relaxation» before going to bed, and more configuration options depending on the day.

In addition there is a long list of news that we also show in the video that you can see in this article:

  • Fitness: the Activity application changes its name and its design is retouched with new exercises
  • Health and exercise with new measurements, such as walking speed, walking asymmetry, etc.
  • Maps with bicycle routes that indicate if there is a bike path and even the unevenness of the terrain
  • Automatic detection when washing hands with a 20-second countdown
  • More hearing health information, now not only measures ambient noise, also the use of headphones
  • Integrated Siri translation that allows you to communicate in other languages
  • Shortcuts as an application and as complications