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WhatsApp adds 138 emojis, and will allow you to mute chats forever

WhatsApp adds 138 emojis, and will allow you to mute chats forever

This has been revealed by WABetaInfo, where since the latest version WhatsApp Beta for Android These 138 emojis are now available. They are all people-centric, either face-to-face or full-length. Many of them are related to professions such as singers, cooks, farmers, painters, etc. There are also new ethnic versions of emojis that were already present, being able to choose the type of skin. Along with them we also find others of neutral gender, also available with different skin colors.

These new emojis are only available in beta, and if we send them to someone who doesn’t, the “deconstructed” icons are displayed. For example, in the singer’s emoji, when sending it to a mobile that does not have the latest version, you see an emoji of a normal person with the skin color that we have chosen, along with another emoji from a microphone.

The 138 new emojis are part of the version of Emoji 12.1 released on October 29, 2019

Expiring Messages receives new interface

Beyond the new emojis, WhatsApp is currently testing the function of messages that disappear, called for now «Expiring Messages«. Although it’s not yet available, it’s already starting to show up in the app’s code. This function will allow the messages you send to be automatically deleted both on your mobile and on the person or people who have received it once 7 days have passed since it was sent.

The feature has gone through a long development process, where its first mentions in the app’s code appeared almost a year ago. Back then it was called “Dissapearing Messages,” and you could only choose between an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year to delete those messages. The self-destruction of messages will only be available, at the moment, in the groups, and it does not seem that the 7-day option will be able to be changed, although like everything with WhatsApp they can always make a last-minute change in this regard.

You can mute notifications forever

When we want to silence a WhatsApp group, we are currently given a choice of 8 hours, a week or a year. WhatsApp, finally, is going to replace the one-year option with one that is “Always”, so that the group will not stop being silenced once a year has passed since we have silenced it.

Both this feature and self-destructing messages are currently in development and cannot be activated even in beta, so we will have to wait until we can test it.

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