WhatsApp button to search for hoaxes in forwarded messages reaches everyone

WhatsApp is an incredible source of hoaxes, and it is something that should no longer surprise us. The company a few months ago implemented a new functionality that was intended to mark those messages that have the potential to be false news.

The messaging company added this feature months ago in beta versions, but after a long wait it seems that it will finally reach all users.

WhatsApp and the button to search for forwarded news reaches everyone

There are few things that inspire less confidence than the WhatsApp signal that a message has been forwarded. This button with two little arrows is an indication that the person who is sharing it has not even bothered to write it, but according to while reading it, and without even reasoning, has pressed a button to send it to us.

The button to chase hoops on WhatsApp is not that it has too much mystery or does magic, nor does it have advanced algorithms. It is simply a button that takes the forwarded message and immediately performs a search on Google or your browser’s default search engine.

It is useful? Well, according to WhatsApp yes, since if the ease of spreading a message without even having to write it favors that it is more shared, that it is just as easy to carry out an Internet search should have the same effect in the opposite direction.

The usefulness in this case is twofold, since it not only offers us the possibility of verifying messages, but it can also be useful for people who forward anything to have the opportunity to verify it before sending.

And if they keep forwarding, you can now reply to them by telling them to use the magnifying glass, which costs nothing.

The button to search for WhatsApp hoaxes begins its deployment for all users, have beta or stable version and works with both Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web mobiles. This functionality begins to be available from today in Brazil, Spain, the United States, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and the United Kingdom.




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