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WhatsApp descending: iPhone users lose interest

WhatsApp descending: iPhone users lose interest

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Is the big WhatsApp hype slowly cooling down? At least iPhone users currently seem to have significantly less interest in the otherwise popular messenger. There are several apps in the App Store in front of WhatsApp – and place 1 has snatched up an application that probably nobody had on the screen.

The download charts in the Apple App Store are like going up and down. WhatsApp is usually at the top. And if a trend app has thrown Messenger off the throne, WhatsApp was usually able to at least defend the silver medal. All the more unusual that WhatsApp didn’t even make it onto the podium in the current ranking.

WhatsApp beaten: Mercedes app in first place in the App Store

The App Store on the left, the Play Store on the right: The Mercedes app is number 1 in Apple’s software store.

At the top of the app store is currently the “Mercedes me 2020” app, with which owners of a Mercedes Benz vehicle can view relevant data about their car, such as mileage or tire pressure. Control of the vehicle is also possible, for example to unlock doors or windows or to start the car if it has an electric drive. It’s comparatively strange that the Mercedes app is in first place – after all, the full range of functions is only unleashed in newer Mercedes vehicles, which are known to be not cheap and are only driven by a minority.

Interesting: Apparently iPhone users drive Mercedes more often than owners of an Android smartphone, because the same app is only in fifth place in the Google Play Store.

Everyone should know these WhatsApp tricks:

WhatsApp: has the messenger reached its zenith?

Places 2 and 3 in the App Store go to the Corona warning app and Google Maps. WhatsApp can only be found in the thankless fourth place and has not even made it onto the podium. It is not known why Messenger currently does so badly. WhatsApp may have slowly passed its zenith and people are turning to alternatives like Telegram that are independent and do not belong to the Facebook group. It will be exciting to see whether WhatsApp can return to its former strength in the coming weeks.

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