Image source: GIGA

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger worldwide and yet functions that other messengers have long lacked. The company wants to change that and completely change WhatsApp – to the delight of users who have long wanted it.

Use WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time

It always works with other messengers. Simply create an account and use the app on your smartphone, PC and tablet at the same time. What sounds like a matter of course is not possible with WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web does exist, but that’s not the ideal solution on a tablet. It would make much more sense if you had an account that you can use to log in anywhere. That will be possible soon, as was revealed some time ago. Now WABetaInfo has published new pictures that reveal further details:

WhatsApp shows which devices use this account. (Image source: WABetaInfo)

So WhatsApp has now integrated a new point in the settings of the Android version. Under “Linked Devices” you can see which devices use the account, add new devices or log out. The user on the smartphone therefore has the option of monitoring the activities and possibly intervening if a device appears that has no business there.

You should know these WhatsApp tips:

Use WhatsApp on four devices at the same time

According to WABetaInfo, one should be able to use WhatsApp with a number on a total of four devices simultaneously. This could cover the most important devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs and would still have a slot left. Ultimately, nothing more is needed. When exactly this function is activated, however, is in the stars. The development and tests are only just beginning. As with “Dark Mode”, you cannot say at what time the switch is switched. GIGA will keep you up to date on the development.