WhatsApp global crash, service fails worldwide

WhatsApp global crash, service fails worldwide

Did you just get into WhatsApp and does not let you send or receive messages? Does it surprise you that for a long time nobody has written to you and the conversation has been cut off halfway? Or directly you are not able to connect to WhatsApp? In either case, don’t worry. You are not the only one. The app is currently suffering a worldwide drop from which it is beginning to recover, as witnessed by the more than 25,000 reports received by the Downdetector website in just a few minutes. We tell you everything we know about the fall of WhatsApp.

There are two main ways in which we usually find out about a crash as big as WhatsApp. On the one hand, you can go to platforms such as Downdetector, which in reality what they do is collect reports of problems in all kinds of services that users from all over the world send them. The normal thing is that in quite general WhatsApp crashes there are around 4000-5000 reports, but in this case the incidence is brutal. Have been collected more than 30,000 reports of malfunctions of the app in Spain alone. Although the service already seems to be recovering from this problem, half of the users have reported connection problems and the other half when sending and receiving messages.

The case on Twitter is even more evident. More than half a million tweets related to WhatsApp that have made the app the trending topic of the day. The tweet above describes the situation very well, with thousands of users restarting the mobile, opening and closing the app, removing and putting the data … When one of these falls happens, little can be done from the user side. In fact, there are times when it’s best not to touch anything and wait.

Many take it with humor, and with the typical “retranca” that we always find on Twitter. Luckily, the crash was brief and it seems that most users can easily enter the app. Have you also experienced problems with WhatsApp? Does it work for you regularly?

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