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WhatsApp has fallen and does not work: Spain, Mexico, Peru …

WhatsApp has fallen and does not work: Spain, Mexico, Peru …

There are many countries in which WhatsApp is the default form of communication, over calls, SMS or other applications. So when it stops working, many users are affected.

WhatsApp is down and doesn’t work

Today, July 14, the company has had problems in its service and some users in Spain and in other countries are reporting connectivity problems. Most have had connection problems, making it impossible to connect to servers.

Others have been able to do so, but have been unable to send or receive files. Some have even seen how it was impossible for them to connect to the app.

How to know if it affects us

The easiest way to know if we are one of those affected is to try to use the service. However, to make sure that it is someone else’s problem and not ours, we must check for incidents on pages like Downdetector.

As we can see, Spain is a slightly affected country, while Peru, the Netherlands and some parts of Brazil, Argentina and the United States are also experiencing problems. The problem is worldwide.

Cuts in connection have started past ten at night in Spain (peninsular area) and many have started to be able to use the service a few minutes later, around half past ten.

We can do nothing but wait and see if the service has restored the connection to the servers. Meanwhile, if we need to communicate, it is best to do it with other apps, calls or SMS.




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