WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are down and do not work

The three largest Facebook platforms stop working: this is what we know.

Three of the most used applications and platforms in the world have stopped working: Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook they appear to be in trouble, and services are temporarily unavailable in various regions of the world.

Tools like DownDetector have been flooded with complaints by WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook users, who report that the applications do not allow them to access their messages, nor to consult the feed of publications of both affected social networks. For his part, the hashtag WhatsApp on Twitter begins to gain strength, thanks to the comments of users affected by this fall.

At the time of publishing this article, Facebook has not spoken about the problemswhich seem to affect to users residing in Spain and other countries in Europe, and which have emerged both in the mobile versions of the three platforms, and in their corresponding desktop and web editions. Unless the company is able to fix problems quickly, Facebook will most likely report the situation through its official channels in the next few minutes.

Basic and essential WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp has stopped working in several countries around the world

Facebook services don’t work

At the moment, the reasons for these problems are unknown, although probably the company will already be working on a solution. The most recent falls suffered by the platforms have lasted, at most, a couple of hours, so it is to be expected that in not too long everything returns to normal.

Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp do not work

The peak of complaints in DownDetector shows how users have been affected by the fall of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

The fall in question affects so that users are not able to refresh the Instagram or Facebook news feed, nor of course publish new content, either on your profile or in the stories from social networks. In the case of WhatsApp, sending and receiving messages seems to be unavailable at the moment, so some users are forced to look for alternatives to the most popular messaging app. It is precisely in situations like this when services like Telegram are reinforced when they receive a barrage of new users who decide to leave the platform belonging to Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

As in previous occasions, it is most likely that the fall is related to a problem on company servers. On previous occasions, platforms have suffered similar failures due to problems in the CDN or Content Delivery Network that Facebook uses to manage multimedia content, although these failures did not prevent the use of the applications completely as it is happening this time. The possibility is not ruled out, although it is unlikely, that Facebook is suffering some kind of cyber attack.

Update – 15:00

Slowly, everything seems to be back to normal. Instagram has returned to work in Spain and in other regions of Europe. In the case of WhatsApp, the service seems to work, although with problems. For now, Facebook remains silent on the matter.

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