WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook do not work, fallen in Spain

You are not the only one: WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook do not work. The main messaging services and social networks on Facebook have suffered a drop towards 14:00 (Spanish peninsular time) on Tuesday, July 28.

In the case of WhatsApp, the messaging application, the message of «Connecting»Continuously at the top of the application. Both in its version of Android and iOS.

We see something similar in Instagram. The application loads and we can see the stories and publications that we already have in cache, but when trying to refresh it tells us that “Could not update the news”, and therefore does not load any of the new publications of the last minutes, nor can we load user profiles.

As for Facebook, the social network in its web version shows an error message directly when entering, while the application reports that “An error has occurred.”

The fall mainly affects Spain

The well-known DownDetector website is a good thermometer to check if it really is a widespread decline or a specific error on our device.

In this case, we can verify that in the last few minutes there have been thousands of queries about whether or not services such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook work. We can also see that the queries have occurred mainly from Spain as a whole, being the generalized fall in our country.

At the moment the causes that have caused this stoppage of the service that includes three of the largest applications on the planet in number of users and popularity are unknown.

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