WhatsApp is updated with four new animated sticker packs

Stickers are becoming in their own right one of the easiest and simplest ways to express yourself using your mobile. It is not that they are going to replace the emoticons, much more known and versatile, but the animated stickers provide an interesting extra, especially in messaging applications.

WhatsApp knows this and a few days ago announced the arrival of animated stickers to its application. Shortly before we had told that the first pack was already available.

WhatsApp is updated with more animated sticker packs

Today we have risen with a new update of the beta version of the application. This new app, with version number beta includes no less than four new animated sticker packs.

WhatsApp is updated with four new animated sticker packs

Animated sticker packs are downloaded in the same way as normal ones, by clicking on the arrow in the pack list. When we do, they will appear at the top of our keyboard when we select the stickers section.

Remember that in order for the stickers to look good the two devices used, the mobile from which we send it and the mobile on which we receive it, must have this version of WhastApp.

If you want to see how they move before downloading you can press your finger on any of them when you open the section in the sticker store. As long as you keep your finger on the screen it will move and if you lift it it will stop.

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