WhatsApp relents and finally you can silence groups forever

WhatsApp groups are the worst, and we are not referring to the group in which your brother-in-law sends 120 messages a day. We mean that at the functional level in 2020 they are still a disaster compared to applications like Telegram.

One of the most serious was the possibility of choosing who added you to groups, a feature that already arrived a few months ago, but there was still a situation to be fixed that, although it was not so high a priority, it did give an image of carelessness within WhatsApp.

Silence WhatsApp groups forever, already in beta

If you use WhatsApp you surely have at least some group (although it is usual for us to have several) and you surely feel that being aware of what your acquaintances are saying is not very important on a daily basis (not at least to receive a notification for each message ).

In each WhatsApp group there is a possibility that you think “So far we have come, I will silence him because there is no way” (I plead guilty) and when you get to the menu You see options for 8 hours, 1 week or a year.

You silence it for a year and you are at peace again, until a year passes and without remembering why, you receive notifications again.

Source | WABetaInfo.

WhatsApp would have finally realized how ridiculous the situation is and finally plans to eliminate the option to silence the groups for a year and replace it with the one that makes sense, forever mute the group. Because let’s face it, no one wants to silence a group for a year, but we do it because it is the longest-standing option.

The version that adds the functionality is, beta version that is being deployed since yesterday through the Google Play Store, although if you are not in the program you can always download them in APK format.

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