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WhatsApp tests registration on up to four devices

WhatsApp tests registration on up to four devices

It has been known for a long time that WhatsApp wants to finally solve an annoying problem: the restriction that a WhatsApp account can only be linked to one device. The service will soon be able to be used in parallel on several devices – without the bumpy WhatsApp web detour that was previously necessary. Now more details about the new WhatsApp function have become known.

WhatsApp tests functionality in Android beta

Accordingly, WhatsApp is currently testing in the beta version of the Android app that up to four devices can be linked to a WhatsApp account – apparently also Macs. The information from the Android beta does not indicate whether the support will also include iPads. The assumption that WhatsApp tablets will not be left out is obvious. The interface for linking the devices seems to be similar to that of the WhatsApp web function.

MacRumors points out, however, that this is still a function hidden in beta, which is currently not yet functional. Whether the feature will be published on the iPhone is another matter. Because if the function could not be implemented in this way, it could be that it will also disappear from the beta. It is therefore also not foreseeable when such a function could appear.

Via MacRumors

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