WhatsApp vs Telegram in 2020: the main differences

Editing messages and video calls are some of the key differences that still separate WhatsApp and Telegram.

WhatsApp and Telegram are the two main messaging platforms at present, which always leads to a comparison between the two to see which is the best. And that is what we will do in this article, thoroughly analyze Android apps from WhatsApp and Telegram to tell you the key differences between the two in full 2020.

Before delving fully into the main differences we have found, we must mention that both services also have Similarities, such as dark mode availability, which you can already activate on both Telegram and WhatsApp. Also, we recommend download the latest versions of both apps to have its latest news and thus be able to check the key differences between WhatsApp and Telegram.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: the main differences

Although it seems that WhatsApp and Telegram are similar platforms that offer the same functionalities to their users to chat, the reality is far from this. After analyzing the Android apps of both services, we have found some key differences that tip the balance towards one or the other option. Let’s go see them.

WhatsApp vs Telegram

WhatsApp and Telegram are messaging networks, but what are the key differences between the two?

Chat functionalities

WhatsApp has always been characterized by being behind Telegram in terms of functionalities. What’s more, it is known to everyone that usually “Get inspired” on the rival platform to integrate some of its new tools, such as its new animated stickers.

Despite this inspiration, WhatsApp continues to lack useful chat features that we do find on Telegram, such as the possibility of keep listening to an audio even if you return to the chat tab and get into a different conversation. While on Telegram you can browse and communicate through other chats while listening to the voice note, on WhatsApp you are forced to stay in the conversation if you want to listen to it entirely.

Message editing is a function that we keep waiting for on WhatsApp

When using the chat, we found another main difference if you intend to send files. While the weight limit of Telegram is at 1.5 GB -a not insignificant figure-, in WhatsApp you can only send files that do not exceed 100 MB. Although the platform acquired by Facebook has improved this detail recently, it is still far from being equal to Telegram.

We cannot forget another of the most important differences: editing messages, present on Telegram since 2016. While the Pavel Durov platform allows modifying messages to correct errors, on WhatsApp it is not possible to change the sent message and, worst of all, it seems that it is not a function in which its managers are working.

WhatsApp status

Although it is not to everyone’s taste, WhatsApp States are an interesting tool to share multimedia content with all those contacts that you have added. Facebook decided to add this adaptation of the Instagram Stories on WhatsApp and there are already many users who use it to publish photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Do not try to find a similar section on Telegram, because he is not and is not expected. In this way, the States continue to be a key difference between WhatsApp and Telegram in the middle of 2020.

The announcements will arrive soon in the States of WhatsApp

While WhatsApp added its States a few years ago, Telegram lacks them.

Privacy & Security

Security and privacy has always been one of the most relevant aspects for Telegram, which had end-to-end encryption long before WhatsApp. Its own CEO, Pavel Durov, has warned on numerous occasions about the danger of using WhatsApp.

Despite the fact that the Facebook platform has improved significantly in this regard, it is still one step behind Telegram. For example, the Russian service offers the option of communicating through secret chats in which messages can be self-destructing after being read by the receiver.

Secret Chat on Telegram

These are the steps you must follow to create a secret chat on Telegram.

While a normal conversation is stored in the cloud, these secret chats can only be read by you and the other contact. Also, the messages cannot forward, cannot take screenshots and the chat is only accessible from the device on which it was created. Without a doubt, options like this make Telegram stand out from WhatsApp in matters of security and privacy.

Another aspect related to privacy that tips the balance towards Telegram is the possibility of add to contacts without having to give personal phone number. While in WhatsApp it is necessary for the other user to know your phone, in Telegram you can do it through the username.


Being able to modify the appearance of the interface of the apps you use is always a plus. In this detail WhatsApp and Telegram also differ, as you will have already been able to verify if you use both platforms. On the one hand, in WhatsApp you can only change the background of the conversations through Settings> Chats> Background.

The possibilities are wider on Telegram, where you can create and install themes freely when choosing colors for different interface elements. Of course, you can also choose between the different topics offered by the platform and change the chat background.

Create topics on Telegram

This is the process of creating your own topics on Telegram.

Cloud storage

In addition to serving as a messaging platform, Telegram is also a great cloud storage service. Even if you delete shared files in a conversation, always you have the option to re-download and open them. The thing is very different in WhatsApp, which does not allow you to re-download a file if you have already downloaded and deleted it.

With the sending limit at 1.5 GB, Telegram is a great platform to store files in the cloud knowing that you will always be able to access them, regardless of the device you are accessing from. Also, being stored in the cloud, you can view files without them taking up memory on your phone. Again, this point is for Telegram.

Bots and channels

We couldn’t overlook another of the key differences between WhatsApp and Telegram in 2020: bots and channels, which give you access to additional content on the celestial platform. For example, you can count on the help of bots to remind you of certain tasks, to recommend wallpapers or to offer you the best GIFs. On the other hand, channels are communication tools that serve to disseminate information to all users who subscribe.

These Telegram functionalities, where you can easily add bots or create your own channels, make you take a step ahead of WhatsApp, where we did not find anything similar to bots and channels. If you want to spread information to many contacts at the same time on the platform of the green speech bubble, the best thing is to do a broadcast.

Andro4all Telegram Channel

Andro4all also has its own channel on Telegram to offer you all the information.

Calls and video calls

We finished with the audio and video calls, the last relevant difference between both apps. Although Telegram is already testing video calls in its beta version, the reality is that Both calls are available on WhatsApp long beforeIt has even expanded the limit of people to 8 for video.

While we wait for Telegram to add video calls for all users, WhatsApp wins this individual battle.

Final conclusion: WhatsApp vs Telegram

The previous comparison has made it clear that Telegram is one step ahead in terms of functionality. To mention some advantages, on the platform of Russian origin you can edit messages, send files of up to 1.5 GB, customize the interface and access extra content from bots and channels.

On the other side we have WhatsApp, which allows us to make free video calls for years and share temporary content across their States. Also, in favor of WhatsApp is its user base, formed by 2,000 million people as of February 2020. While on Telegram it is difficult to find all your family and friends, with WhatsApp you know that you can almost always communicate with whoever you want. As always, the final decision to prefer to use one or the other is up to you. Like me, you can use both platforms without problems and take advantage of both.

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