WhatsApp will add animated stickers, QR codes and dark mode on WhatsApp Web

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With more than 2 billion people using WhatsApp daily, it has become the most widely used messaging application in the world. Unlike other services that are also leaders in their field, such as Gmail, WhatsApp has settled into its dominant position and it costs a lot to add new functions.

In order to continue to grow the platform, WhatsApp has announced what the new functions that will come to this platform, functions that will arrive in the coming weeks, although knowing WhatsApp, it will rather be months, as long as they do not leave any on the way.

Animated stickers

Telegram stickers are one of the most popular communication tools among users, animated stickers that will also reach WhatsApp.

QR codes

Adding a new contact will be easier than ever thanks to the introduction of QR codes. Through QR codes we will be able to easily add new contacts without having to store the phone number in the phonebook and then search for it on WhatsApp.

Dark mode for WhatsApp Web and Desktop

ANDhe popular dark mode of WhatsApp will also reach the WhatsApp Web platform with which we can continue our WhatsApp conversations from a browser taking advantage of the dark mode offered by the operating system.

Improvements to group video calls

With video calls of up to 8 participants at a time, if you want to focus your attention on one of them in particular, you just have to keep your finger pressed to maximize it in full screen. In addition, a video icon will be added in group chats of 8 participants or less, to easily start a one-touch video call.

At the moment it seems that the version of WhatsApp for iPad that was talked about a few months ago, or it is not ready or it was only that, a rumor.

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