WhatsApp will allow us to silence groups forever

WhatsApp has become a religion for many users, despite all the shortcomings that it offers us if we compare it with other applications such as Telegram, who from time to time adds new functionalities that soon after Mark Zuckerberg’s boys implement for WhatsApp, although at a very slow rate.

The groups, those obnoxious groups in which all of us are involved, due to need or social commitment (the latest WhatsApp updates allow us to avoid getting us into unwanted groups). Within the WhatsApp configuration options we don’t have the option to silence those groups forever. At least until soon.

Mute WhatsApp groups

As the guys at WaBetainfo have been able to verify, WhatsApp version, replace the 1 year option within the mute group options with Forever. In addition, it introduces a new function that allows conversations to be shown on the screen even if we have the group muted, a function that can be useful in certain cases.

New features to come

This function is added to the one that WhatsApp will soon add and that will allow us to use this messaging platform on up to four different devices, so it will not be necessary to use the iPhone, yes or yes, in order to maintain our preservations.

At the moment we don’t know when these functions will arrive in update form to the version available on the App Store, but it could take days to weeks, since it will not be the first time, that WhatsApp adds functionalities that finally never reach the final version of the application, although its usefulness is a necessary asset for the humanity (due to the dependency of this application)

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