WhatsApp will allow you to search for forwarded messages on Google

WhatsApp has just announced today a new feature that will allow users to check the forwarding messages they receive from others, with the intention of helping to identify hoax chains and fake news more quickly.

With a strong history to combat this type of false information, since the beginning of this year, and with greater emphasis after the emergence of COVID-19, we saw how the courier service began to establish its first mediations as the limitation on the number of message forwarding, reducing the number of forwarded messages by up to 70% worldwide.

In addition to that, WhatsApp also added a new way to identify messages that have been shared many times in different chats, with the highlighting of a special “Forwarded” tag and a two-arrow icon at the top. In this way, users are allowed to identify when a received message has not been written directly by one of their close contacts.

WhatsApp messages forwarded search internet google fake news

So from now on we can find a new magnifying glass button next to the forwarded messages. This feature will allow users to upload the message directly to their browser to look it up on the Internet, without the need to open the content of the message. In addition, the message will be stored within Google searches, thus creating a greater ease of identification for these forwarded messages with false news.

«We believe that if we provide an easy way to search the Internet for messages that were forwarded many times, we can help people find results on the news or other sources of information of the received content»They assure from WhatsApp.

The Internet search function It is now available in all terminals updated to the latest version of WhatsApp, within the territories of Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, the United States and Brazil, for both Android and iOS users, and even through the browser version of WhatsApp Web. However, its implantation will take place gradually, so it is possible that some will not see it active for a few weeks.

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