when you can use the official Spanish application

The situation caused by Covid 19 in Spain and in the rest of the world in recent months has forced us to reinvent ourselves every day, both socially and technologically.

While a vaccine is being developed, any tool that helps us improve prevention is welcome, and because of them, Google and Apple historically joined forces to create a universal API for Android and iPhone and was common among all countries that wanted to implement the system. .

COVID radar will be available throughout Spain on September 15

Radar COVID is the official Spanish application that has been available in early access since last June in a pilot program in San Sebastian de la Gomera. This pilot program on the Canary Island has been fruitful and finally the application will reach all of Spain.

COVID radar, the official Spanish application.

How much cash? Well almost double that of conventional tracking methods, with a figure of 6.4 contacts per confirmed positive. According to data from Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Artificial Intelligence, the use of the application could reduce infections by Covid up to 30%.

The application will begin to be used in Spain from next August 10 in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, being tourism the main interest to accelerate its implementation. The use of the application in the peninsula will arrive the following month, which is that from September 15 it can be used throughout Spain.

However, even if the application is enabled for all of Spain on September 15, it will depend on each autonomous community whether or not to implement said system. Right now there is great interest from the autonomous communities, but we do not yet have an official list indicating which ones will be available.

According to Carme Artigas, the official list will be revealed this Monday, after the meeting of Minister Salvador Illa with the autonomous health advisers.

Once it is available to everyone, the effectiveness of this app will depend on whether we install the application on our mobile, so when possible it will not only be advisable to install it, but also tell everyone you know.

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