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Where and how to download and update the BIOS of your Lenovo laptop

Where and how to download and update the BIOS of your Lenovo laptop

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Although it may seem the opposite, updating the computer BIOS is a really simple as well as dangerous process. For a while now, manufacturers like Lenovo have made this task easier for less experienced users. In fact, the process does not differ much from that of installing an application to use. But like any process that involves modifying certain critical parameters of our equipment, following the steps correctly can make the difference between updating the BIOS successfully or running out of equipment forever. For this reason we have created a roadmap to download and update the BIOS of a Lenovo laptop in a simple way.

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Before going into details, it is necessary to clarify that is not responsible for any possible damage that may be caused to the equipment. The responsibility falls solely on the user.

Where can I download the Lenovo BIOS for my laptop?

More important than installing the BIOS correctly is downloading a version according to our laptop model. To do this, the first step is to use the Lenovo support page, which can be accessed from the following link:

Within the portal we will navigate to the Drivers and software section and click on the Download button. Immediately after We will enter the serial number of the laptop, which is usually specified on the back or the original box. We can also enter the model number, although we will have to make sure we do it without any typo. Finally, the web will show us an interface similar to the following:

download bios lenovo1

Now we just have to click on BIOS to see the list of available versions. Within this section, the page will show us different iterations, as we can see in the image below.

download bios lenovo0

If we want to update the BIOS from Windows we will have to select the option BIOS Update Utility or Flash UEFI BIOS update (Flash from operating system version). If we want to update the BIOS from a pendrive or a CD we can select the pertinent options, although the simplest is to do it from the operating system itself.

How can I update the Lenovo BIOS on my laptop?

The process to update the BIOS from the Lenovo tool is really simple. With the program installed on the computer, all we have to do is run the tool and click on the option Update Lenovo BIOS or Lenovo ThinkPad BIOS.

lenovo install bios thinkpad

From this point on, the system will begin updating the boot binaries to update the BIOS to the latest version (if any). From Lenovo’s own page they recommend 100% charge the laptop and connect it to the power to avoid problems to future. As it is a process that carries some risk, the corruption of the installation can lead to an irreparable loss of equipment.

update bios lenovo

Once all the binaries have been installed correctly, the program will invite us to restart the computer, an operation that We will accept to check that the installation has been satisfied without any problem. If everything went well, the computer will restart properly.

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