White PS5 – not in the mood? Notice of customizable housing popped up

Even if it is quite possible that the PlayStation 5 will be available in other colors later, it has so far appeared in a white gloss. If you like to believe a photo, you can remove the plates from the housing and maybe make room for other designs.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5: can you customize the console to your taste?

We have to wait a few more months for the PlayStation 5 to be released and so far we still lack some information about the console. We do not know a price, nor do we know the exact release date. However, there are a few pictures and all show the PlayStation 5 in plain white, with blue glowing LEDs.

Fans had started imagining the PS5 early on.

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PlayStation 5 design, look and images: fan designs versus reality

PS5: Pictures show removable housing plates

Fans have proposed numerous designs in the past few weeks. The Spider-Man, Pokémon and Dragon Ball editions of the upcoming console were well received by the fans and the black edition was also very popular. Exposed images now show that it may not be a wish. It looks like the case can be partially removed:

It is not improbable because This was already possible with the PlayStation 4to clean the console or customize the case to your liking. Until we know more details, we will have to wait a little longer, but we will keep you up to date.

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