Who has stopped following you on Instagram

As we say, Instagram does not notify you of unfollows or people who have stopped following you, but there are applications that help you find them if you are curious or if you need to consult it for work reasons. Be that as it may, we give you some keys to do it. Why is it important to know if they stop following you? In case you try to use it in a professional way, you should analyze why the content does not work or why you are unable to retain the followers you have.

You must be careful: most websites or apps that help you know who has stopped following you on Instagram also offer the possibility of making a massive unfollow to people who no longer follow you or of following or following others to capture their Attention. Social networks can ban users for following or stopping following in a massive way as it can be considered spam.

Followed and following

One of the fastest ways to find out what are the lost followers on your social network by going to that person’s profile. This will only work if you have suspicion of someone in particular, if he has his public profile or if you follow him. You cannot see all the people who have stopped following you, but you can if you have some in mind. Just go to that person’s profile on Instagram. Once you are on their profile, go to the “Following” section and use the magnifying glass to search for your username. If you appear on their list of followers, of course, keep following you. It is not very useful if you want to know how many people have stopped following you, but when you have doubts with one in particular. You will not have to install anything and it is basic.

Followed by

Who has stopped following me?

Most of the tools that let you know who has stopped following you on Instagram are applications that are generally compatible with Android or iOS but that you have to install on your mobile, grant permissions and see the list. But there are also some platforms or websites that allow us to consult it online without having to install anything on our phone, although they are less frequent.


Justunfollow was one of the most comfortable and popular websites for managing social networks and has now been renamed Crowdfireapp. It is much more complete than specialized applications and allows not only to manage Instagram but other social networks. Once you register with your username and password (or you create an account with your email) it asks for permission to the different profiles you want to manage. From here you can see what are the best hours to post, analytics of followers and followers, photos with more likes or more comments, etc.

Crowdfire - Who has stopped following you


In addition to telling you who has stopped following you on Instagram, this website also lets you know who stops following you on Twitter or Tumblr, what are your fans (people who follow you and you do not follow them) or who you follow without being followed. The operation is simple and you only have to register and follow the steps it indicates to see who stops following you on the three compatible platforms. It also has a payment option that allows you link up to 10 or 25 profiles and that it does not include ads but it would be better to try the free option for several days until you subscribe to the Premium and Business options.


Iconosquare is paid but you can try it for free for 14 days without introducing a credit card. It is one of the most complete, most useful and most professional options and precisely there is one of its drawbacks: you can only see who has stopped following you on Instagram if you have a company account and link it to the service. You will not only see the followers but the searches, success, the best hours to post, the history of likes, etc. It is one of the most complete if you intend to dedicate yourself to the social network in a professional way.

Iconosquare - lost followers on Instagram

He does not follow me

In case you don’t mind installing applications, there are many that let you know the lost followers, gained followers, etc. You will know who has stopped following you on Instagram at the moment. Nomesigue.com is a free application that allows you to discover Twitter or Instagram followers, you can add users to the white list or stop following those who no longer follow you. In addition, it has a premium option that allows connect up to 100 profiles and you have the possibility to make unlimited unfollows on Twitter or unlimited follows.

Nomesigue - lost followers on Instagram

Follower Analyzer

Another of the most popular applications to know who has stopped following you on Instagram is Follower Analyzer. There are not many applications that “survive” Google Play since it considers them as dangerous, so choose which downloads. In this case, it has more than 100,000 scores and reviews and most of them positive. Lets you see recently gained and lost followers, know who are the ones that I like the most, who are the ones who tell you the most and, in general, do an analysis of your account in the photography app.

Make them stop following you

Although it does not make much sense to do so, beyond seeing the lost followers you may want someone to not follow you but you do not want to block it so that you can continue to see their photos. You can do it from Instagram without installing anything else and it is a function that It is integrated in the application. There is only one condition: that you have the account marked as private. You can put it in for a few seconds to follow the process and then you can make it public again. Follow these steps:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Click on the three lines in the upper right corner
  • Tap on Setting
  • Once here, go to Privacy
  • Access the account privacy section
  • Tap on Private account to activate it

Who has stopped following you on Instagram

When you already have an account activated, you can delete followers:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Click on “Followers” on top
  • Use the magnifying glass to find the person you don’t want to follow you
  • You will see that next to the user there is a Delete button
  • Click on that button
  • The person will stop following you but you you will be able to continue seeing his photographs

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