Who will be the main character of Vikings: Valhalla?

Vikings: Valhalla seems to be a reality. Netflix has decided to create a spin-off from the popular History Chanel series whose final part of the sixth season is the end of a project that has lasted 7 years and that has had a good acceptance in the public.

We have already told you what Vikings: Valhalla will be about, but now we are going to talk about its protagonist. Although, as has happened in the main series, the story is not only going to focus on one character, but the protagonism could be, to a certain extent, shared.

Erik the Red Vikings

The descendants of Erik the Red, Leif and Freydis, will be two of the important characters

These are the main characters of Vikings: Valhalla

Vikings Story: Valhalla will take place 100 years after the events of the sixth season of Vikings, And therefore, the logical thing is that we do not see any character that we already know, so do not expect to see Lagertha or Bjorn in this new series, or at least not their characters, since the actor who plays Bjorn does not has ruled out making an appearance in the series.

As we have learned, one of the main characters will be Leif Erikson, descendant of Erik the Red, who has his name engraved in history for being the first explorer to reach the coasts of North America. On the other hand, Freydis, his sister will also play an important role in the series. Erik the Red, remember, appears in the sixth chapter of the sixth season of Vikings.

Even if It is unknown if we will see a more exploratory than warrior facet in this new series, What is certain is that we will see battles, and according to George Hirst – director of Vikings – we will see “Christian Viking armies fighting against pagan Viking armies, and that is really interesting.”


Rollo is one of the main characters of Vikings, and his descendants will be key in Vikings: Valhalla

Beyond these characters, we will also see Harald Hardrada, descendant of King Harald I, which we have also seen in Vikings and that has been gaining special relevance since it made its first appearance. This character was known to be a ruthless king, so we are sure that his figure will be relevant.

By last, Guillermo the Conqueror, descendant of Rollo, and creator of the conquest of England will also appear in the series, and, like those mentioned above, aims to be an important character.

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