Why according to the European Union your mobile is a mistake for the planet

A few months ago we already told you how the European Union wanted to approve a series of measures to make technology more sustainable. Among these measures, the obligation to the brands of the so-called “Right to repair” and the obligation to update your devices.

And it is that, Are our mobiles a mistake for the planet according to the European Union? Everything points to yes.

Why our mobiles are a mistake

Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 4 XL phones

Should mobile phones be more sustainable?

It is evident that human beings consume more and more and therefore generate more waste. In the field of technology it is evident. We change phones every few years what generates boxes, materials, plastics and other materials that are thrown away.

With all this, brands seem to be becoming aware … although we as users may not like it. For example Apple will not include chargers in its new devices as well as headphones. Protecting nature or an excuse to save costs? The debate is served.

But we consumers also have a lot to blame. Not only for renewing smartphones that work perfectly, but also many times for betting on brands whose useful life –and support– is regrettable. This causes the phone to no longer receive updates and must be changed if one wants to have a secure smartphone.

In short today mobile technology is an EVIL according to the EU: chargers and headphones in each box and therefore more waste, different charging ports, phones that are difficult to repair, phones that are not updated after the year …

With luck between all things can change and it is possible that in a few years the idea of ​​not including chargers or headphones in a mobile phone we will see as a good idea. Everything as long as prices don’t skyrocket.

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