Why are additional permissions on Android phones a danger?


One of the most important aspects for the security of our Android mobile came several years ago, but it has been in Android 10 when it has been improved to offer us greater control over everything that our mobile applications and services have access to. Among these permits we find the special ones, called additional permissions and that they pose a great risk to our information, in addition to other processes.

So that you do not have to live with these serious dangers, we want to show you all that are available on our mobile as well as what they mean to us if they are activated. In addition, we will teach you how to control so that you can identify that series of applications that may be better to keep away from the mobile phone, even if we have even removed the permission.

The permissions you should never activate

Not all that we are going to show you can do on your mobile, but this becomes a good sign, it means that until now no application or service has tried to access it. The special permissions they are not well regarded by Google and that is why it categorizes them in a special way in a separate section and also when trying to install an application it will show us that it is an outstanding security risk.

android special additional permissions

As you can see in the image and we also share it with you in a more explicit way, these permissions in many cases are developed expressly for each application and that is why in some cases they appear in English or are poorly translated:

  • Access email information
  • Access to the content emitted by some services
  • Deactivate alarm
  • Write instant messages
  • Information about the car
  • Read instant messages

Just reading the descriptions of the additional permissions we can get an idea of ​​the privacy risks which means that an application can access our messages, have the possibility to read our emails or even know our movements in the car.

Where to control additional permissions on Android

If we want to be aware of everything that happens on our mobile, we must know the status of our permits. To do this we have to start by entering the Settings and looking for the privacy section, entering the permission manager. This option was introduced in Android 10, so in mobiles with previous Android versions it will not be possible to consult it.

additional android permissions

Each of the permissions that we have previously seen will be shown as additional permissions and when entering each of them we will see what is shown to us on the screen. By tapping in the upper corner and selecting to show options, the system can find out which application or service has ever requested access or which ones have it.

It is possible that if it is the native app of the clock as in our case, it is convenient that you have the permission to remove alarms. We will have to assess each case particularly on the additional permissions, remembering that some are based on accessibility and may be necessary for people with different abilities.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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