Why buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 instead of the Samsung Galaxy Note20

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Note20? It has sincerely left us something cold.

A few days ago the South Korean firm Samsung presented us with its new Android phones, Galaxy Note20 series, known above all for having the wonderful accessory called the S-Pen.

While its predecessor the Note10 struck us as the best Android smartphone of 2019, the new Note20 is considered by many to be a bit decaf. So, Is this Galaxy Note20 worth it? Or better to buy the S20 from the beginning of the year?

Why you should buy the S20 instead of the Note20


Is the Galaxy Note20 worth it? We believe that there are better alternatives

Is the Note20 worth it? Many think not and we understand it. A price of 1,000 euros and with characteristics that really do not justify it. 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with FHD + resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate and an Exynos990 processor, without forgetting of course its plastic back.

Where is the screen – no longer 120 Hz – 90 Hz? Where is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor Where are all those elements that would make it not only a phone worthy of the highest range, but also justify its price? Well, we do not know and Samsung has not come out to explain it to us either.

Along the way we have been left with a device that does have an S-Pen, but does not have the most powerful processor on the market and does not have a screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate, either. something that without a doubt you have to start demanding from the current high-end.

So do I buy the Note20? If you are passionate about the S-Pen, do it, otherwise, it is much more advisable to go for the normal Galaxy S20. Not only because it is a cheaper phone today but also because we are going to find practically the same, at a lower price and at a much more contained size and therefore more comfortable to carry in the hand.

We certainly do not understand certain things that Samsung has done so therefore we are going to be honest. If you want yes or yes a Note, go for the Note20 +, otherwise we recommend that you go for the S20 or S20 +, two devices much rounder in every way.

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