Why can't EA Sports UFC 4 be on PC?

Not too long ago, the question of whether a game would adorn the almighty gray box was an urgent issue with every game announcement. If you turn the clock back a decade, skipping PC release was routine for many great games. and just focus on the console versions. Fortunately, for most major games by major publishers, accessing the PC alongside Playstation and Xbox versions is a fairly normal operating procedure these days. There are of course some exceptions, sometimes due to negotiations leading to some sort of exclusivity, sometimes due to risk-averse management decisions that are not certain that there is a market for their games on the PC. And of course, Sony and Nintendo are still focused on keeping their own first-party games exclusively for their respective consoles. Although even Sony shows signs of being more open to PC versions of their games like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn.

However, if it is a major western game manufacturer like Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Take Two or Bandai Namco, we generally get all games available on consoles also available on PC. 2020 is a good time to play on a high-end gaming PC, and you don’t necessarily need a console to avoid missing out on certain games that you want to play.

However, this is not the case with absolutely every game, and in the case of the upcoming UFC game from EA Sports EA UFC 4There are currently no announced plans for a PC version.

This may be particularly strange, since for the most part it doesn’t really fit how EA treats one of her other games. In the case of Madden, this has been on the PC since 2018. In the case of FIFA, it’s been on the PC for over a decade. Alongside NBA Live, UFC is the only other major series that remains exclusive to consoles. Outside of EA-licensed sports titles, you’ll need to return to Peggle 2 from 2013 to find an EA game that was installed on multiple consoles but not on the PC. What gives? I’m sure there would be many players around the world who would like to play the official UFC game on PC, but EA doesn’t even give them the option. It’s hard to imagine EA struggling with the logistical side of releasing a game on PC. They publish a lot of games on the PC every year. They even have their Origin Acess subscription service, which would surely get a boost from another big game in the library, and we expect EA Access to be released on Steam soon.

Why is EA UFC 4 not on the PC?

We have no comments or statements from EA that would explain this decision, although this issue has surfaced in a stream that encourages the start of the previous game in the UFC 3 series.

The stream was a casual gaming session with former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, who joined Geoff Harrower (lead gameplay engineer) and Marc De Vellis (senior producer). Here is the relevant part of the conversation:

Johnson: Why not a PC yet? Is it difficult to switch to a PC or?

Harrower: Oh man, everyone asks this question and I can’t answer it, maybe Mark can answer it, I don’t know.

De Vellis: Well, Xbox and PS4 were our top priorities. If you look at the potential UFC 4, it’s definitely on the radar.

Johnson: So we get UFC 4 confirmed? We just dropped it [he is laughing because this is clearly a joke]

De Vellis: In UFC 3, however, we only focus on the two consoles. It’s not difficult, we can do it, I know the development team is developing on the PC. Of course, there’s still work to be done to make sure it’s optimized for this platform, but it’s definitely something we’ll look at in the future. We hear you fans.

Quite an amusing conversation considering the current context of a PC version of UFC4 that has actually fallen off the radar. Obviously, the two EA employees are trying to be diplomatic, and I have a feeling that Johnson was only direct and passed on a question he had heard from his fans and maybe unwittingly opened a can of worms.

I don’t think any of the participants in this conversation tried to mislead anyone, and I would certainly not blame the decision not to publish on the PC, but it is certainly an interesting question why this happens . What distinguishes EA’s current range of games from UFC 4, which has meant that there is no PC version? We have a few theories.

What possible explanations are there?

Maybe it could be bound Licensing difficulties. For large sports licenses that make up such a large part of EA’s service, many very specific details are agreed in advance in the various contracts between license holders (in this case the UFC) and the licensee (in this case EA). . If the original contracts did not include provisions for the implementation of a PC version, EA may not be inclined to renegotiate if this could mean a worse deal for them overall. UFC as a sport has grown in popularity since EA first launched its UFC game series, and that would potentially put EA in a weaker bargaining position.

The UFC may also not want their game available on platforms that may allow it widespread piracy. Honestly, I think this would be a very outdated way of thinking, where calling the specter of piracy on the PC as a justification for not supporting the platform doesn’t stand up to the test. We know that many games sell millions of PC copies these days. Within EA, the mindset doesn’t seem to exist anymore, as they are returning many of their games to Steam and will see promising future releases on Steam as well, but it is quite possible that some decision-makers within UFC will still hold this opinion. It can happen that EA’s hands are tied and they don’t have to produce a PC version if UFC insists.

The final theory is that it is simple Business decisionIf EA has some kind of market research or data analysis that shows that the costs associated with developing a PC version would outweigh the revenue generated. It is hard to imagine that this is the case because FIFA and Madden are economically viable on the PC, but it is also impossible to rule it out.

What next?

For some reason, UFC 4 does not come on the PC. The latest gameplay trailer shows what players will miss on PC. Perhaps the best option is to keep telling EA that UFC games are in demand on the PC to get them back on the radar. There is a fan petition that is slowly gaining momentum. We asked EA for a comment on this matter, but they didn’t contact us. We will update you if this is the case. In the meantime, you will likely have the option to play UFC 4 on the console, enjoy one of the other fighting games on PC, or simply forego it.

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