Why do I get so many requests on Instagram from people I don’t know?

Why do I get so many requests on Instagram from people I don't know?

If you are here, it is surely because you have received overnight more than a dozen requests to follow you on Instagram. Or because you have directly won a jug of followers From overnight. And not exactly from people who are interested in really following you. What is behind all this?

We could say that it is a mystery. But we are sure that behind this indiscriminate avalanche of followers (that will probably come to you like an incessant trickle) there is something a bit dark. Something to which we must pay attention, to avoid that they manage to deceive us or scam us.

But let’s see what this phenomenon is about (more common than you think) and what we can do about it. Keep reading this article for discover the mystery behind the followers ghost.


Why all these followers that I don’t know?

Lets start by the beginning. If you are not a personality, an actor or actress. If you don’t do modeling stuff, you’re not one it girlYou are not an ace of humor, receiving an avalanche of followers in just a few hours is, to say the least, strange. If you have not participated in a well-known event either (you have taken out a book, participated in a television program or reached a Guinness record), that suddenly countless Instagram users want to follow you is not normal. Therefore, be suspicious.

And now let’s get to the heart of the matter. Because if you are a woman, as it has happened to me, most likely the avalanche you receive is, one hundred percent, apparently handsome and interesting men. The profiles are: members of the armed forces, television presenters, attractive parents, romantic gentlemen, passionate about healthy food and a long etcetera of topicazos.

With men, more of the same happens, only theirs is much more evident. My partner has received, in equal parts, and both through Facebook and Instagram, some friendship suggestions of women, young, dressed in little clothes and whose favorite sport, as he says in his profiles, is directly play in bed.

As you can guess (you don’t have to be very skilled in internet issues to realize it), we are faced with an organized maneuver. Some security companies agree that we are profiles created by people or robots. In fact, most have four to five photos, with no text, no likes, no comments.

In the case of men, the obvious is sought. But in the case of women, profiles are created supposedly attractive men, hugging children, accompanied by flowers, fruits, vegetables and other elements associated with healthy living. Books, drawings, images of soldiers with children from third world countries… Anyway, prints that can be suggestive for women. Or so their makers must believe.

But why do they create these types of profiles?

Experts have long warned about these fraudulent practices. These profiles can be created by people or robots. For what? Well, to get information, send malware files, try to steal from us. Some campaigns of this type can have been created to practice cyber espionage, out of all ethics, with the aim of politically persuading citizens.

And where do you get the photos from? Because their faces seem perfectly real. Well it is very possible that these photos have been extracted from image banks or directly stolen from other people’s accounts that are real.

So what should I do if I receive such requests? What we basically suggest is to ignore these accounts. That is to say, not accept follow-up requests. If they already follow you (because you have an open profile), delete them as followers. If you don’t know how to do it, follow these instructions:

  • Access your Instagram (click on the icon of the little person, located at the bottom right of the screen)
  • Tap on Followers. Here you will see them all.
  • Find the ones that don’t interest you and hit the Delete button.

instagram report

Report these fraudulent profiles on Instagram

If you want to help prevent this from happening, you must also report these profiles. Before deleting, click on them (you have to give them above the name) and on the icon with the three dots, in the upper right part of the screen. Several options will appear: Report, Block and Restrict.

We recommend you click on the option Report. In this case, Instagram will ask you to indicate why you want to report it. You can check the option that it is SPAM or that it is inappropriate. Choose the first one.

You will receive a thank you message from Instagram, for contributing to make this social network a safer space. Repeat the reporting procedure as many times as fraudulent accounts have wanted to follow you. It is the only way we have to alert Instagram that something strange is happening.

If you choose this option, the contact will be directly blocked. So you won’t have to block it afterwards. If you click on Restrict, Instagram will ask you if you have problems with that specific user. It is a useful option when a person – real and concrete – is having inappropriate behavior with you. So in these cases, it is best to always report the account as spam. If you also want to restrict it, go ahead. There is no problem reinforcing that lock.

If you have received many requests, the process of reporting can be a little more laborious, but it will be worth it. Mind you, make sure you do this before deleting the request. Because otherwise, you will lose it and you can no longer send the complaint.


Restrict your Instagram profile: make it private

If you have your profile open, perhaps it is about time that you close it to the general public. It is a good option to protect yourself, especially if you often publish personal things. If you are not a public figure, the most sensible thing is to apply the highest level of security available to prevent your account from turning into cybercriminals. You can do it like this:

1. Access your Instagram profile and click on the hamburger icon, located at the top right of the screen. It is the options menu. Choose Setting.

2. Once inside, select Privacy> Account privacy.

3. Slide the switch to make your account private. This should be marked in blue.

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