Why doesn't my air conditioner cool the house?

There are many different reasons why your air conditioner may have stopped cooling your home. The most common reason is that the filter is dirty or needs to be replaced. If the filter is blocked, it cannot filter the air properly and therefore does not cool the air. The thought that your air conditioner is completely defective is a concern, but in fact the likelihood that it will not be repairable is very slim. Air conditioners need a perfect balance between pressure, temperature and airflow to work effectively. Repairing your air conditioner when it no longer cools your home is not always as expensive as many fear.

Imperfect rate

If your air conditioner is fairly new, chances are it won’t have been installed properly when it stops cooling your house. Alternatively, the wrong size device could have been installed in your home. To solve one of these problems, it is best to have another air conditioning company inspect it. In this way, they can report problems that occur at the first installment.

Condenser clogged

One of the most common but overlooked coolants for an air conditioner is when grass and weeds get caught in it. Check to see if you cut back the area around the condenser to solve your problem and help the air conditioner start to cool down again. Sometimes, because the condenser lives outside, grass and weeds aren’t always the problem, but more general, everyday dirt can clog up. This can include autumn leaves. If you haven’t cleaned the condenser, try this because an air conditioner requires good airflow from the condenser to function properly.

Airflow fear

If the amount of air that is pushed through the ventilation slots of your air conditioner is limited, you will never feel cold, even if the air conditioner changes the air temperature around you. If the airflow is not effective, there is most likely a problem with your filters. Check the condition of your conditioning filters. They may be dirty and must be replaced immediately in this case.


Check if circuit breakers have tripped. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s not. Note that circuit breakers can trip but do not always switch to off mode. To reset them, turn them all off (there are always two, sometimes three) and then turn them on again. This can be the solution to your problem.

Thermostat malfunction

This is a common default setting, but is difficult to see. The only obvious sign that your thermostat has malfunctioned in any way is that the screen has gone blank. There are many different causes of malfunction, including flat batteries, circuit problems, and too many climates all connected to the same air conditioner. The simplest change that needs to be made here is to replace the batteries with new ones and check if the air conditioner turns on. More serious thermostat problems related to the panel or wiring require a professionally licensed installer and possibly a new thermostat as a whole.


Are the evaporator registers frozen? Oddly enough, the air is only hot when the coils are frozen. If the evaporator coils behind the air filter of your air conditioning system are frozen, you have to switch off the air conditioning system. This must take at least 24 hours so that it can thaw thoroughly and dry out manually. Admittedly not an ideal solution in summer, but at least it didn’t hit you too much in your pocket!

If the evaporator coils are not frozen, you can also check whether they are dirty. In this case, use a toothbrush to carefully remove the dirt from the spool. Make sure that you do not bend or damage the coils. If the dirt is difficult to move, try loosening the dirt with a little water on the toothbrush. If you still can’t remove the dirt, you’ll need to call in a certified technician to clean the coils for you with a special chemical spray.

Do not cool too late

The most common reason why an air conditioner no longer cools the house is when it doesn’t contain enough refrigerant. An air conditioning system requires refrigerant to generate cool air. If the levels are too low, this process cannot take place. This is not advisable as you need special equipment and a way to safely dispose of the old refrigerant. As stated on the Best of Machinery website, it is best to contact a licensed professional air conditioning company to support this process.

stay calm

It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re too hot, especially when you’re tired. However, when it comes to solving air conditioning problems, it is best to stay as calm as possible and be methodical to find the right solution. There are many different reasons why your air conditioner won’t cool your home. However, check out this list of Best of Machinery and narrow down the problems. Chances are it’s not too strict or too expensive as it will most likely only need good cleaning in one or more different areas. Checking the filter is always the best starting point!

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