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Why has nobody built anything like this before?

Why has nobody built anything like this before?

Image source: GIGA

Xiaomi is known for implementing crazy ideas on smartphones. What the Chinese company is now planning is almost ingenious, because you combine two products that simply belong together.


Xiaomi integrates headphones into a smartphone

Lots of Xiaomi ideas have come up recently that have caused quite a stir. The new smartphone, which has never been seen in this form before, looks very promising. Xiaomi wants to integrate wireless headphones into the smartphone, according to a patent that LetsGoDigital has processed graphically. These should then be inserted into the top of the cell phone so that they can be charged there. So you always have the headphones with you and at hand. It looks like this:

Xiaomi wants to integrate headphones into the smartphone. (Image: Xiaomi / LetsGoDigital)

It’s actually a surprisingly good idea. So you can ask yourself why nobody has implemented it so far. In the end, it wouldn’t be that complicated. After all, Samsung installs a stylus in the Galaxy Note that is charged wirelessly. Xiaomi could use exactly the same technology here. The headphones would of course have to be optimized for this – they are too. So the earpiece can be easily folded over and stuck in the ear.

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Is Xiaomi really implementing this idea?

This is never really certain with emerging patents. A lot of ideas from Xiaomi have already appeared, but they never made it into a final version of a product. Here Xiaomi has a really useful idea that we would actually like to see. You usually have your smartphone and suitable headphones with you that you use on the go. Simply plugging them into your smartphone is simple and ingenious at the same time. GIGA will inform you if Xiaomi really implements this patent.

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