Why is a smartphone better than a camera for taking pictures?

Let no one tell you how you have to take a photograph. A smartphone is an equally valid tool and sometimes even much better than a professional camera.

Lovers of photography will be stretching your hair right now reading the headline of this article and it is not for less. It should be said that I am not a professional photographer nor do I pretend to be, what’s more, my knowledge is quite basic. However, there are many more people like me than being quite inexperienced in the field, They believe that by buying a professional camera their photography skills will improve without being aware that similar results will be achieved with a smartphone..

Because I once read (somewhere) that the camera does not make the photographer and only practice, tests and mistakes make us grow in the world of photography. Hence, for my part I consider that a smartphone is a totally valid tool for taking photographs and although the most purists are totally against (respectable), a mobile phone can give us magnificent results if what we want is to have a good time taking photographs .

Why take pictures with a smartphone instead of a camera

Huawei P40 Pro Plus cameras, rear

Taking pictures with your mobile phone is not a bad thing and it is that with a smartphone you can achieve exceptional results

The world of photography is divided into two streams, between those who only use cameras and those who are more open-minded using any tool at their fingertips, including a smartphone. Like everything in this life, there are those who remain anchored in the past and those who evolve over time. As if with the arrival of computers we were still using typewriters or worse, despite the invention of the automobile we still kept moving in horse-drawn carts.

The smartphone is therefore just another tool to enjoy photography, either professionally or simply for entertainment. A new formula that with the rise of platforms such as Facebook and, of course, Instagram, has achieved considerably remarkable popularity. And it is that thanks to mobile phones photography has reached all corners of the planet.

And then, why is a mobile phone better than a camera to practice this discipline? Honestly, a mobile phone is not at the level of a DLSR and all this despite the fact that phones such as Sony or Huawei are getting closer, but there is something that tilts the favor of these devices: comfort and immediacy.

Huawei P40 Pro Plus, rear with cameras

If Huawei stands out for something it is for its incredible quality in the cameras of its smartphones

Unlike a professional camera, we always carry a smartphone in our pocket or bag. For this very reason photography has become so popular and now everyone can capture that magical moment or moment immediately, simply by taking his cell phone out of his pocket and pressing a button. The smartphone has therefore become an extension of our body, giving us a closeness that of course a professional camera does not give.

Therefore, mobile photography is still “another” way of taking photography, neither better nor worse than conventional photography. What we must understand is that a smartphone is not a substitute for a reflex camera but a tool that allows us to take another type of photography, simply different. Of course, the fact that a smartphone allows you to do other things besides taking photographs is another compelling reason to bet on this type of device..

In short, we should not be ashamed for liking photography and for using a smartphone. Many will tell us that we are corrupting this noble discipline – people who, as in other aspects of life, consider themselves to be absolutely right about everything – but we should not listen to them. Just like all those who say that mobile phones are not good for gaming. So effectively, I will continue to use a smartphone to take pictures and have fun. And is that despite not being an expert in the field, I am very happy with the smartphone camera in hand.

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