Why Microsoft wants to buy TikTok

Can you imagine Microsoft buying the most popular app of the moment? Well it could be possible and it is not far-fetched.

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps of the moment, not only because of how fun it is but also because of the controversy that is surrounding it.

As we know, Donald Trump wants to ban this app in the United States, although curiously a company from this country wants to get hold of it. It’s all about the almighty Microsoft.

This is why Microsoft wants to buy TikTok

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The first thing to say is that it is clear that Microsoft does not want to take over TikTok to oppose the president of the United States, but to take advantage of it.

For a few years, the Redmond giant has prioritized software over anything else. This can be seen with its services such as Office 365 and in the video game plan, with Xbox Game Pass.

On the one hand, by taking control of TikTok, he would obtain hundreds of thousands – or millions – of data that would help him better understand how people interact and therefore improve the rest of your services.

On the other, it would also serve as they tell from The Verge, to advertise your products on TikTok. Can you imagine how many people would see the new Xbox Series X? Well that. And beware that it would also serve to end the controversy that China controls TikTok data since all of them would be in the hands of an American company like Microsoft.


Donald Trump wants to ban TikTok and Microsoft wants to buy it

Obviously the purchase is not easy. Not only because it is a Chinese app but also because of the continuous threats from Trump and his government. Therefore we are facing a rather complicated operation and it would not be strange if it did not happen in the end. Microsoft could use being the owner of TikTok but this could also be a double-edged sword.

Surely there will be more news throughout the week and it is that without a doubt this can be the real soap opera of this year’s summer.

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