Why Motorola should launch Moto X in 2020

The Motorola Moto X was a unique phone at the time. An unrepeatable device that we wish we could see again in the near future although honestly, it is something impossible to happen.

There are telephones that even over time and over the years, will always occupy a pleasant place in our memories. The first iPhone, the fantastic and unrepeatable Nexus 5 or the first-generation Motorola Moto G, which also had a review with 4G compatibility, which we could analyze on Andro4all.

Because Google’s Motorola has to its credit a spectacular catalog. Not only did their first Moto G become a revolution, dynamising the low-end market and demonstrating that cheap and quality phones could be made, but there is also another device that fell in love with its design and performance. Do you remember? Effectively, we talk about the Motorola Moto X.

I hope to see a Moto X again this 2020

Moto x

The Motorola Moto X was a unique phone thanks to its software and its infinite possibilities when it comes to customizing its exterior appearance.

The Motorola Moto X was a revolutionary phone in many ways. He agreed that Motorola was at the top. Thanks to Google, the American firm not only launched high-quality phones, it also had by then the best software and an enviable update policy.

The Moto X was different from the rest from the beginning. The brand decided that no two phones were the same and that is when buying it each user could choose the design thanks to the Moto Maker option that it was just a program to personalize our device. Each phone was made in the United States and the options were almost endless (plastic, wood, leather, and more). To make matters worse, this device was the first Android smartphone supports voice commands, something that today is something normal but that back then was quite a revolution without forgetting of course the Active Display function, which basically consisted of the fact that when we took the terminal, the screen immediately turned on showing the minimum necessary to keep us informed.

Of course Motorola is no longer the same as before. Its devices continue to follow fabulous options such as the Moto G8 Power and its latest high-end products look pretty good but all of them are far from what the American firm achieved with the Moto X and that is that The innovation of this terminal has not been repeated.

The truth is that Motorola today is still a very important firm and even wanted to attack our nostalgia with the return of the legendary RAZR, although we sincerely believe that what it really needs is lap of a phone like Moto X. Customizable, with Android stock, its own functions and a great update policy. Something similar to what Google does with its Pixels but with the interesting additions of Motorola.

Of course we doubt that the Moto X will ever return and it may be better that way. Sometimes second parts are not good and better keep the good memory we have of this terminal than stain it with a new version that is not the size. As we would like to go back to 2013 and enjoy this wonder for the first time.

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