Why sometimes when you receive a call there is nobody on the other side

They call you on the phone, you answer and nobody answers. What happens? Why? Are they trying to rob me? Nothing is further from reality.

Imagine that you are so calm at home, watching a Netflix series or playing your favorite PlayStation 4 video games, when suddenly your tranquility is disturbed because your smartphone is ringing at full volume. Be careful, someone called you.

A number that you do not have in the phonebook. You pick it up, say hello to whoever is behind the other side and … you get no answer. It is not the first time this has happened to you and rest assured that you are not alone. You do an internet search and you realize that there are not a few users that this mysterious phenomenon has happened to. What’s going on? What is happening? What is the reason for this mystery?

Why when there is a call sometimes there is nobody

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Hello? Is there someone like that? It is not the first time that we speak and nobody responds

First of all tranquility. Chances are, none of you are experiencing any cyber attacks or scams.. Most likely, these calls come from a call center that either wants to do a survey or want to sell us a product, from encyclopedias to new telephone rates. So why is no one responding?

Obviously these calls are not being made by any telemarketer. That would mean always having a worker dial different phone numbers, something that for companies is not productive at all, especially considering that many people do not pick up unknown numbers. What happens is that a machine or computer starts calling by numbers until one miraculously picks up the phone. There a few seconds pass until a person finally responds, usually once we have opened our mouths to say something.

And beware, these computers are quite smart. If they call us at one hour and we don’t get it, they will try at different times. If with that same number they verify that we still do not catch it, they will try it with a different number to see if there is luck. At that time we will ask ourselves who has leaked our phone number and if we are being the victim of any deception, but rest assured that it is simply a computer calling thousands and thousands of random numbers throughout the day.

In short, rest easy. These calls are not part of a malicious plan to drive us crazy and end up buying encyclopedias or televisions, but it is nothing more than an automatic calling program. By not answering the first time, our number will be “recorded” and it will be easier for us to call again, so until we finally answer. The truth is that it can be quite annoying, especially if they call us during work hours or taking a nap while listening to a documentary in the background, but it is nothing more than that. So no one is going to be ripped off, stolen or anything like that,

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